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Long Island

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rogue Postal Worker Caught Trashing MailVery illegal.
  2. sad scary things
    Carbon Monoxide Leak Kills Man at Long Island MallAnd sickens 27 other people.
  3. disgusting things
    Long Island Birthday Cake Comes With Truly Disgusting Surprise A rat tail and some mold.
  4. scary things
    Long Island Sinkhole Settles for SubaruThe Earth has opened again to eat another car.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Robbing a Burger King Is a Good Opportunity to Get Some LunchAs one Long Island thief would probably tell you.
  6. nice things
    ‘Finders Keepers’ Rule Applies to Lottery TicketsAs one Long Island man learned after Hurricane Sandy.
  7. scary things
    Elderly Driver Plows Into Long Island Trader Joe’sThe car ended up entirely inside the store. Fifteen people were hurt. 
  8. attack ads
    Long Island Republican Incorrectly Assumes Americans Are Tired of Rob Ford Or maybe it’s just the opposite.
  9. thwarted scams
    Winning Lottery Ruins Long Island Man’s Relationship With His Deli GuysThey tried to give him $1,000 for a $1 million ticket.
  10. Long Island Dudebros Capture Deer for Cool Party PhotosYeah, bros. 
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Panhandler Goes Berserk at $1 DonationNot enough.
  12. scary things
    Video: Insanely Brave Deli Guy Chases Away Armed Robber With SwordSeriously, check this guy out.
  13. The First 48
    Police Have No Leads in Massive Pumpkin CaperCharlie Brown is innocent.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    600 Pumpkins Disappeared on Long IslandA seasonal mystery.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Office Shooter Found Dead in RiverAfter a six-day manhunt.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Noted Horse Instructor Shot Dead by SniperYikes.
  17. shootings
    Deadly Shooting by Disgruntled Employee Reported Near Long Island MallSang Ho Kim, 63, is the suspect.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man With ‘SSSSNAKE’ License Plate Had 850 Snakes in His HouseHe’s an animal control officer.
  19. the lohans
    Dina Lohan Carries on Family Drunk-Driving TraditionShe was caught speeding with a blood alcohol level of .2 percent.
  20. terrorble
    ‘Pressure Cooker’ Google Leads to FBI Visit?One Long Island woman says it happened to her.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    The 13 Most Unfortunate Mug Shots of Busted Long Island JohnsA total of 104 men were arrested in “Operation Flush the Johns.”
  22. very scary things
    Hofstra Student Killed by Police Bullet During Long Island Home Invasion The intruder is also dead.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Gunsmith Accused of Having 300 Illegal Firearms Laying AboutJust a modest collection.
  24. Video Feed
    Cops Allege Long Islanders Traded Frozen Shrimp for DrugsPeeled, deveined, and completely illicit.
  25. schumer has it
    Schumer Blasted for Not Serving the President Subpar Long Island DuckGross poultry: not a great plug for New York.
  26. long island
    Roosevelt Field Mall is Investigating a Red ChapStick SwastikaWay to go, Long Island.
  27. Eccentric Survivor Gives Long Island Family a Christmas Miracle It all started with a text.
  28. wow terrible
    Wow, Terrible: Walking Dead EditionA Long Island man takes zombies very seriously.
  29. things that are awful
    Horrific Long Island Bus Crash Kills Boy in HouseThe bus swerved to avoid a pedestrian.
  30. long island ripper
    Shannan Gilbert’s Mother Sues Doctor, Claiming He Could Have Prevented Her DeathHer mother says he gave her drugs, but he says he never met her.
  31. gangnam style
    If There’s One More Gangnam Style Parody You Should See, Make It This OneWhat hath Psy wrought?
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Man Arrested in Plot to Pipe-Bomb Home Depot on Black FridayHe wanted $2 million.
  33. A Funny Thing #32: The Old College Try with Jon GabrusJon Gabrus lived the quintessential Hollywood college experience, if Hollywood was the name of an alternate world where everyone thought it was […]
  34. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Couple’s Missing Child Found Buried in Their BackyardIt’s being investigated as a homicide.
  35. stand clear of the exotic pets
    Just an Alligator Wandering Around a Long Island Supermarket Parking LotWhat’s the deal with all these gators?
  36. close calls
    School Bus Plows Into Long Island HomeThankfully, the five kids on board were uninjured.
  37. kaboom
    Long Island House Flattened in ExplosionPropane tanks are likely to blame.
  38. Pie Fight
    Bar (Pie) Fight on Long IslandEddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park is suing three other Italian restaurants for using the term “bar pie.”
  39. modern love
    Stripper Turned Wall Streeter Confused About How Affairs WorkShe’s suing the police department over her torrid relationship with a cop.
  40. drunken bogey
    Drunken Man Opts for Ford Taurus Over Cart at Long Island Golf CourseThe greens fee will be pretty expensive.
  41. The Burbs
    L.I. Parents Lose Their Good Humor in Ice-Cream SnafuTheir poor underprivileged children might have to endure summer without cookies-and-cream.
  42. drinking
    Pour One Out for the Bros and Girls of the LIRRThe weekend alcohol ban is upon them.
  43. future lawsuits
    It Rained Poop on Long IslandThe day can only get better after that.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Heroin Much Cheaper in NYC Than Long IslandA drug ring was busted for selling to customers from out east.
  45. long island ripper
    LI Beach Skeletal Remains Are Shannan Gilbert’sCops believe she may have drowned.
  46. long island ripper
    Is the LI Serial Killer Working Alone or Not?The police commissioner and the D.A. disagree.
  47. kids these days
    Long Island High-School Students Suspended for ‘Tebowing’ in HallwayPersonally, we think schools should be encouraging any fad that doesn’t involve putting vodka in your vagina.
  48. Police Make a Potentially Crucial Break in Long Island Serial-Killer CasePolice find items that belonged to Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance led to the discovery of ten bodies near a desolate beach.
  49. comedy
    Enjoy the Comedic Stylings of Patric-Ha, Your New Favorite Stand-Up ComedianTrue story: Patric-ha was waiting on our friend at a diner on Long Island, when she broke out into a seven-minute-long stand-up routine.
  50. senate fight!
    Chuck Schumer Plays the 9/11 Card Hard In Argument With John McCainHe was only trying to defend the good name of Long Island.
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