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  1. science of us
    What Is the Point of Biohacking?What do we do with our new, improved selves?
  2. Being Neurotic May Help You Live LongerResearchers aren’t sure why, but they have a few guesses.
  3. The World’s Oldest Person, Emma Morano, Has Died at Age 117She was born in 1899. 1899!
  4. Americans Are Outlived by People in Poorer CountriesSouth Korea’s population is slated to become super-long-lived; the U.S. population isn’t.
  5. Living With Purpose Yields a Longer Life and Higher IncomeVirtue pays off.
  6. A Smart Sense of Humor Helps People Survive Being AliveEspecially for women.
  7. longevity
    Morley Safer Is Leaving 60 MinutesAfter 46 seasons!
  8. Retiring Later Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’ll Die LaterResearch on work and longevity is kind of all over the place.
  9. Baboons Have a Hard Time Getting Over Tough Childhoods, TooTrauma in their early years follows them into adulthood — a finding that may have implications for human health.
  10. Insights From a Scientist Who Is Trying to Slow the Aging ProcessSecrets from the science of longevity.
  11. A New Study on Adopted Kids Takes on the Tiny Question of Nature Versus NurtureWhich matters more when it comes to longevity?
  12. personality
    Your Friends Know Whether Your Personality Will Eventually Kill YouOur closest friends see us more clearly than we see ourselves.
  13. people who are older than you
    The Secret to Long Life: Walking, Barley … and Cocaine?Maybe! (Not really.)
  14. The Mysteriously Long Lives of Male Holocaust SurvivorsIs it possible extreme trauma might make us live longer?
  15. the third terminator
    New Yorkers Now Living Longer Than EverBloomberg announced the record longevity numbers today.
  16. science fiction science fact
    Being Happy Makes You Live LongerAlso exercising. So now you finally have a reason to look into both.
  17. aaaaaah!
    Ridiculously, Unfathomably Old Woman Is DiscoveredThis spry 130-year-old would easily be the oldest person ever recorded.