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The Ceramic Artist Who Has Lived in 6 Countries

"I was born in Saudi Arabia — we were actually airlifted out at the beginning of the Gulf War — and I grew up in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Scotland before settling in Houston."

By Alexis Swerdloff

The Art Student Who Dyes Her Hair Gray

“I want to show that even though my skin is tan, I’m gray, because my mother is white and my father is African-American.”

By Alexis Swerdloff

The Retired Modeling Agent Who Loves Empire

“I started my own agency — we represented Twiggy — but went off to be assistant to the actor Yul Brynner, who was dating my roommate at the time.”

By Alexis Swerdloff

The NYU Student Moonlighting as a DJ

“If you want to be a member of my squad, you have to be down for the cause; you can’t just be at home all the time, you have to be spur of the moment, because life is spur of the moment.”

By Alexis Swerdloff