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  1. world cup 2018
    Germany’s World Cup–Winning Coach Joachim Löw Looks a Lot Like Ken BurnsSee if you can tell them apart with our difficult quiz!
  2. lookalikes
    Kanye West Is Being Sued Because Yeezy Looks Too Much Like Hunting GearJordan Outdoor Enterprises is taking on Kanye West.
  3. celebrity doppelgangers
    Anna Wintour’s Daughter Knows She Looks a Lot Like Hope HicksIn a side-by-side picture on Instagram, Bee Shaffer asked, “Anyone hiring?”
  4. seasons greetings
    Isla Fisher’s Holiday Cards Featured Amy AdamsWhat is real? And what is fake?
  5. lookalikes
    Reddit Found Barb’s Look-alike, Also Named BarbJust when you thought the internet ran out of content about Stranger Things’ Barb!
  6. being miley cyrus
    Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Look-alike Is Too CuteThe confidence in this person … 
  7. marriage proposals
    Allison Williams to Marry Her Male Equal in ToothinessCongratulations to the couple! 
  8. when two become one
    Daria Werbowy Morphs Into Phoebe Philo in New Céline AdsThe transmutation is complete.
  9. music videos
    Kardashian Look-alike in Ray J’s Music Video Ranks Pretty LowWatch the music video for “I Hit It First.”
  10. Giuliani Plans to Make the Most of His Resemblance to the PopeAnd weighs in on what NYC should name after him.
  11. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton’s Look-alike Is Not Really a Mail-order BrideBut she is “getting a lot of marriage proposals.”
  12. look alikes
    Your Guide to the Indistinguishable Men of NashvilleIs he sort of sad and frustrated, and does he have some patchy facial hair? Yep, that’s every male character.
  13. look alikes
    Your Guide to Tuesday’s Very Similar SitcomsQuippy, quippy, quippy, with a romance with a wounded guy and a standout supporting cast.
  14. lookalikes
    A Tale of Two Partners: CBS in 2012, Fox in 1995No such thing as too many sitcoms about BFF architects.
  15. look alikes
    Sony Buys Rights to Ethan Hawke Looper-ish Time Travel FlickIt’s like Looper, if you substitute the government for organized crime.
  16. lookalikes
    The Rock-Star Inspirations for Johnny Depp’s Characters Revealed!It goes far beyond Keith Richards. Did you know that Willy Wonka is a young George Harrison?
  17. lookalikes
    Now Ben Affleck Looks Like the Sleaze From Die HardHarry? The one who’s all, “Hans? Bubby?” Yeah, you remember.
  18. lookalikes
    Giorgio Armani Sees a Lot of Himself in Ethan HawkeIn terms of a physical resemblance.
  19. clickables
    See the Jelly Bean That Looks Exactly Like Kate MiddletonIt’s mango!
  20. clickables
    Guess Which Congressman Looked Exactly Like Lea Michele in High School?It’s uncanny.
  21. Yep, This Girl Definitely Looks Like Michael CeraAt first, I was like, “oh, poor Michael Cera.” But then it’s also sort of, “oh, poor this girl.” Really, I guess it’s “oh, poor everyone.” […]