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Lost And Found

  1. lost and found!
    Aretha Franklin Hid Her Will Under Couch Cushions, NaturallyAnd two inside a locked cabinet.
  2. lost and found
    Sylvia Plath’s ‘New’ Story Shows Us the Career That Might Have BeenMary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom, released this week, was hiding in plain sight — evidence of a writer at odds with her legend.
  3. lost and found
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Doesn’t Know Anything About Taylor Swift’s ScarfThe scarf from “All Too Well” remains unaccounted for.
  4. lost and found
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Doesn’t Know Anything About Taylor Swift’s ScarfThe scarf from “All Too Well” remains unaccounted for.
  5. meanwhile in canada
    Long-Lost Engagement Ring Found Around Carrot Like Some Kind of Dang Fairy TaleYes, it was in Canada.
  6. lost and found
    The Yeezys Bieber Threw Into a Crowd Have a New LifeOne of the shoes has apparently revealed his shoe size.
  7. lost and found
    Part of Jerry Lewis’s Lost Film Appears OnlineFew people have ever seen the movie in full.
  8. lost and found
    Missing Italian Marathon Runner Found After Two Days Riding SubwayHe went astray after finishing the race Sunday and survived since then on pizza.
  9. lost and found
    Jerry Lewis’s Infamous Lost Holocaust Clown Film May Finally Be FoundThe Library of Congress has acquired the only known print of Lewis’s notoriously unseen The Day the Clown Died.
  10. bizarre things
    Frank Bruni Found Courtney Love’s iPhone in a CabOnly in New York.
  11. lost and found
    Lost Early Orson Welles Film Discovered in ItalyEntitled Too Much Johnson, it was filmed three years before Citizen Kane.
  12. genital tales
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas, Part IILet us bear witness.
  13. body horror
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas: An Online Literature Review They often blog about it.
  14. Trends
    Sausage and Beer Are Trending in Oakland With Telegraph and Hog’sAfter Rosamunde, the deluge.
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    Beacon Coffee Comes to North Beach; Lost and Found Beer Garden Coming toAlso, Perilla in the Outer Richmond is now a Cajun crawfish place.
  16. lost and found
    A Courier Company Lost Hakaan Yildirim’s Entire Spring 2013 CollectionAnd the designer had to cancel his Paris show.
  17. lost and found
    Florence Welch Loses Voice, Cancels Tour Dates“I felt something snap.”
  18. lost and found
    Canadian Porn-Star Cannibal Victim’s Head FoundThe morbid tale continues.
  19. lost and found
    Missing $1.6 Billion MF Global Funds: Traced!“We can trace where the cash and securities in the firm went, and that we’ve done.”
  20. lost and found
    Never-Before-Seen Beatles Photos for SaleShot by a props manager on several Beatles films.
  21. the industry
    Clive Owen to Save World From DrugsPlus: Elizabeth Ashley joins ‘August: Osage County.’
  22. the industry
    Vera Farmiga and George Clooney to Join Mile-High ClubPlus: Finally a television show about police work.
  23. the industry
    Nicolas Cage to Get in an Actual CagePlus: NBC buys a detective show from Dick Wolf, but it’s not ‘Law & Order: Anything.’
  24. the industry
    Brad Pitt, Matt Damon InterchangablePlus industry news on Justice League, Katherine Heigl, and Avatar.