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  1. vulture lists
    17 Great Mystery-Box TV Shows Worth Getting Lost InFrom The Prisoner to Russian Doll.
  2. vulture lists
    The 24 Scariest TV Episodes to Watch This HalloweenFrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The X-Files.
  3. tv review
    Manifest Is Not the Next LostYeah, you can skip boarding this plane.
  4. post comedy
    Why Are So Many TV Comedies Pondering the Meaning of Life?The existential comedy has officially arrived.
  5. nudity
    Evangeline Lilly Says She Was ‘Cornered’ Into Partial Nude Scene on Lost“I was crying my eyes out.”
  6. Does Westworld’s Second Season Kinda Remind You of … Lost?Some of this is starting to feel very, very familiar.
  7. close reads
    All the Ways The Good Place Season Finale Is Like LostIn its season-two finale, The Good Place had its very own “hydrogen bomb” moment.
  8. What’s Leaving Netflix: January 2018Anybody want to binge-watch Lost before it’s gone?
  9. peak tv
    TV Is Moving Away From Finale Fever — Which Is Making for Better TVEndings still matter, but not nearly as much as they used to.
  10. How The Leftovers’ Series Finale Compares to LostDamon Lindelof’s second series is a maturation of the themes he pondered a decade ago.
  11. close reads
    When Did TV Get So Meta?Self-aware, fourth-wall-busting television is still everywhere. But what makes meta good versus bad?
  12. close reads
    Why Westworld Actually Isn’t Like LostTwo words: character studies.
  13. 8 Ways Westworld Is the New LostBuried churches that remind us of buried hatches are just the beginning.
  14. Can Netflix Fix Network TV’s Supernatural-Mystery Show Problem?The new series Stranger Things offers a different way forward.
  15. trends
    Wrecked and the Challenges of TV ParodyThe new TBS Lost spoof shows us what works and what doesn’t when TV shows try to satirize other TV shows.
  16. radiohead
    Radiohead Releases New ‘Daydreaming’ VideoThe band’s latest album will drop digitally at 2 p.m. EST on May 8.
  17. vulture quiz
    Lost Turns 10: Take Our Quiz and Guess the Character’s EyeballA real eye-opener.
  18. vulture lists
    The 7 Greatest Wrong Lost Theories EverPlus our guesses on how the show would have ended if they’d actually been right.
  19. waaaaaaaaaalt
    The Guy Who Played Walt on Lost Is in a Band and They Have a Hit SongIt’s called “Classic.”
  20. Who Stayed at This Craigslist ‘Celebrity Loft’?This is like “Washington slept here,” but more impressive. 
  21. how to make a movie
    How to Compose a Killer Film Score, by Michael GiacchinoWhat his work on Up, Star Trek, The Incredibles, and the small screen’s Lost taught him about writing a powerful piece of movie music.
  22. tv
    Seitz: Is There Any Satisfying Way to End a Modern Drama?Call it conclusion impossible.
  23. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Del Rey, Murray, and Making LostAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  24. most devoted fans
    Lost’s Carlton Cuse on Showrunner CelebrityAs a career TV writer, having rabid fans who cared about the showrunner more than the actors was a shock. Here’s what it was like in Lost’s heyday, from premiere to finale.
  25. television
    What Would It Look Like If TV Shows Were Relationships?Will you ever find another Firefly?
  26. swords
    What Revolution Can Learn From Game of ThronesWhoever has the most characters wins, right?
  27. chat room
    Yes, Dominic Monaghan Would Eat Peter Jackson “If that was the only way to stay alive, I would. I would eat anything.”
  28. lost
    Watch a Supercut of People on Lost Saying ‘Lost’Remember this show?
  29. casting
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Adds Josh HollowayWe’re rooting for you, Josh.
  30. promises
    Yes, Arrested Development Will Still Be ComplexSo says David Cross.
  31. chat room
    Terry O’Quinn on His New Show and Lost’s Finale“I was aware in around season four that they had so many balls in the air that they were going to let a few drop.”
  32. beefs
    Dominic Monaghan Accuses Matthew Fox of Beating WomenOn Twitter.
  33. upfronts 2012
    Five Top Showrunners Recount the Agony of Waiting for a Pilot PickupCreators of Lost, The Shield, Gossip Girl, and more tell tales of the pain of waiting for that network thumbs-up and how it feels to get it … or not.
  34. chat room
    Maggie Grace on Lockout, Lost Tattoos, and Action Movies“I grew up in a Christian household where it was Middlemarch or bust. I just saw Die Hard for the first time.”
  35. lost
    Damon Lindelof Is Playing the Lost Numbers in the Mega Millions LotteryGood (bad) luck!
  36. my bockmail's not working
    Damon Lindelof Nobly Tries to Defend The KillingYou were supposed to be disappointed! That’s called risk-taking, you noobs.
  37. castings
    Lost’s Yunjin Kim Cast in ABC’s MistressesLost and found.
  38. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: Mad Men vs. LostTwo shows that place a bundle of trust in the viewer, and make us feel damned smart for doing so.
  39. lost
    Watch Michael Giacchino Conduct Music From Lost, Live in ConcertVisuals wouldn’t hurt, you know.
  40. drama derby
    What’s the Best TV Drama of the Last 25 Years?From Buffy to the Sopranos, sixteen dramas will vie for the title.
  41. The Killing’s New Poster: ‘Be Careful What You Uncover’Well, it’s no “Who killed Rosie Larsen?”
  42. clickables
    See a Lost Easter Egg on Up All NightIt involves an airplane. SPOILER ALERT!
  43. cloud nothings
    Watch Cloud Nothings’ Relentlessly Disturbing Video for ‘No Future/No Past’The nineties are alive in Cloud Nothings, as is the Smoke Monster from Lost.
  44. chat room
    Jorge Garcia on Alcatraz, Hurley Comparisons, and His ‘Expert’ Look“If you see a guy like me sitting at a computer, you know he’s a really good hacker.”
  45. talk
    Did Lost End the ‘Golden Era’ of Television?Do we want too much suspense and mystery from our shows now?
  46. the girl with the dragon tattoo
    Watch a Fake Old Hard Copy Segment About the Murder Case in Dragon TattooThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo producers take a cue from Lost.
  47. chat room
    J.J. Abrams on the DVD Release of Super 8: ‘I’m Sure Some People Don’t Think My Technique Works for Them’“All I can do is do the thing that feels right to me.”
  48. tv
    Lost Scribe to Adapt Stephen King Book for CableKing will be aboard to executive produce.
  49. chat room
    Michael Emerson on Person of Interest, Ben Linus Comparisons, and the Terry O’Quinn Show That Never Was“We were struggling to get it written, and at some point it got put on a back burner.”
  50. beefs
    Matthew Fox Had a Bad Party-Bus Experience This WeekendPunches were thrown.
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