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Lost to Continue Being Awesome

At this point, we're used to 'Lost' being crazy and weird, but our eyes bugged out when we read the official plot synopsis for the episode airing in two weeks.

By Matthew Perpetua

Lost: Why So Hostile?

Show, you are so strange and inconsistent, why do we love you? Clearly you are our wonderful, awful Kate.

By Emily Nussbaum

Who Is Lost Laying Off?

Some "much-loved" character will apparently be killed off before season's end — but who?

By Lane Brown

Lost: Sawyered!

This was basically our dream episode, full of spooning, miracle births, Alpert eyeliner jokes, and four-toed statues!

By Emily Nussbaum

Lost: Picking Locke

John Locke, best (and most original) character on the show, light of our life, fire of our loins, anti-hero of our favorite episodes!

By Emily Nussbaum

Lost Babies: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cuties

You may think that 'Lost' is about time travel, faith versus reason, life choices, or a battle to determine the fate of the world, but really, it's all about the babies.

By Michael Alan Connelly