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Love Letters

  1. to all the boys i've loved before
    Should You Write That Love Letter? Consult These 9 Movies First.Ahead of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, we take a closer look at films about love letters to learn a few things about putting our hearts to pen.
  2. tupac shakur
    Tupac’s Prison Letter to Madonna Reveals Race Was a Factor In Their BreakupTupac wrote candidly about dating the “extremely famous sex symbol.”
  3. favorite things
    Unhinged Psycho Stalkers Are My Favorite Movie HeroinesBecause Swimfan is actually a lowbrow version of I Love Dick.
  4. love letters
    Gwen Stefani Was the Perfect Preteen IdolOn the 20th anniversary of “Just a Girl.”
  5. Theater Review: Love LettersMore than you’d think.
  6. love letters
    Are You Into Cary Fukunaga Yet? You Should BeLook at this face.
  7. three cheers for phoebe philo
    See: T Magazine’s Love Letter to Phoebe PhiloFeaturing Liya Kebede and Camilla Nickerson in Céline.
  8. love letters
    Surprise, Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith Is Great Now!In praise of the new and improved Downton character.
  9. love letters
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is a National TreasureA love letter.
  10. love letters
    Do You Appreciate Vin Diesel Enough? (No.)Vin Diesel is our greatest Facebook celebrity. Embrace him.
  11. 'you're pretty'
    How J.D. Salinger Flirted With Girls“Sneaky girl. You’re pretty.”
  12. love letters
    In Praise of Miley Cyrus, the Anti–Spring BreakerMiley did it first, and she did it her way.
  13. love letters
    In Praise of ScandalAll politics are personal politics.
  14. year in culture 2012
    Celebrity BFF of the Year: Jennifer LawrenceIf only she would return our calls.
  15. post-modern love
    Grading Obama’s ‘Classic Undergraduate-ese’Columbia lit professors weigh in on his “love letters.”
  16. love letters
    An Open Letter to Mr. Arnold Warwick… who lives in New York’s best rent-controlled apartment.
  17. jackie o
    Jackie O’s Love Will Cost You $134,500“If school days are the happiest of your life, I’m hanging myself with my skip-rope tonight.”
  18. white men with money
    Warren Buffett Is Pretty Smitten With the GovernmentI just feel really close to you right now, you know?