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  1. trailer mix
    Chris Lilley’s New Comedy Lunatics Debuts on Netflix Next WeekAnd it’s already controversial.
  2. Which American State Should Secede?Texas seems most likely. The case is strongest for exiling West Virginia. But goodness, if Florida isn’t asking for it.
  3. lunatics
    Texas Rep. Loves the Word ‘Lunatic,’ or Just Likes Being DisagreeableMaybe both?
  4. lunatics
    NOM Plans to Drive Wedge Between Gays and BlacksThe co-founder and former chair of the board recently endorsed Santorum.
  5. Alan Zweibel and Dave Barry’s Long-Distance Writing RelationshipDid you know that Lunatics, the book that an upcoming Steve Carell movie is based on, was co-written by original SNL writer Alan Zweibel and […]
  6. Trade Roundup: Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, And WeedsWelcome back to the trade roundup, or as it should rightly be called, the Steve Carell Movie Tracker. Dude’s just added ANOTHER project to his […]
  7. steve carrell
    Steve Carell to Star in LunaticsSteve Carell to star in a movie about youth soccer gone horribly wrong.
  8. folk heroes
    Float-Crashing Beauty Queen Did It for the StoryDavina Reeves has grown on us.
  9. america's sweetheart
    Video: Rabid Letterman Protesters Turn Out to Be Big Leno FansThey also watch Fox News.