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Macarthur Fellows

  1. interview
    Maggie Nelson Writes Books Like She’s Hosting a PartyTalking to the MacArthur genius about her work and her fans.
  2. geniuses
    Claudia Rankine Leads This Year’s Class of MacArthur Genius Grant RecipientsMaggie Nelson and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins have also been crowned geniuses.
  3. brain food
    NYC Is Home to More MacArthur Geniuses Than Michelin 3-Star RestaurantsWe’re hoping Nicole Eisenman can now more easily get a table at Per Se.
  4. Nicole Eisenman Is a Massively Deserving GeniusThe art world is lucky to have her.
  5. neuroscience
    Here’s What Neuroscience’s Newest ‘Genius’ Discovered About the BrainA discovery about your brain cells’ “eat me” signs.
  6. video
    Watch a MacArthur Genius Explain Her Vital Work on RacismIt can be a life-and-death matter at times.
  7. comics
    Alison Bechdel Wins MacArthur Genius GrantThe cartoonist will spend her $650,000 grant on “really boring stuff.”
  8. geniuses
    Alison Bechdel Is an Official GeniusThe MacArthur Foundation awarded her a fellowship. 
  9. mad money
    Junot Díaz Is Among This Year’s MacArthur Fellowship WinnersThat’s $500,000 big ones to keep him writing.