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Kristen Wiig Is In for the ‘MacGruber’ Sequel

The idea of a sequel to Will Forte's cult hit SNL spinoff film MacGruber is definitely a hypothetical thing at this point, but his co-star Kristen Wiig said in a recent interview that she's interested in reprising her role for MacGruber 2, if [...]

By Bradford Evans

Will Forte: ‘There Will Be Some Form of ‘MacGruber 2’’

While it bombed at the box office during its initial release, Will Forte's SNL spinoff MacGruber has grown into a cult favorite. Forte was asked about the movie this week by EW when promoting Run and Jump, an upcoming drama he's acting in. [...]

By Bradford Evans

Remember that ‘MacGruber’ Sequel We Were Super Excited About?!

Who would've guessed that the MacGruber sequel wire would be so hot these last few days? Thanks, That's My Boy's press tour. To recap: first, Jorma Taccone said that they were seriously talking about writing a MacGruber sequel but then Will [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Remember that ‘MacGruber’ Sequel We Were Super Excited About?

A couple weeks ago, Jorma Taccone said that they were seriously talking about doing a MacGruber sequel. This was great news for people who liked funny things and sex scenes. But then this happened at a press conference for That's My Boy:

By Jesse David Fox

‘MacGruber 2’ Might Be Happening!

Considering its subject matter and the fact that it earned less than $9 million domestically, it was really easy to make jokes about MacGruber bombing. However, ever since, the film has been developing quite the cult following, especially in [...]

By Jesse David Fox

A Vulture Study: Which SNL Season Reused the Most Characters?

It always feels like it was the most recent one. Was it a Stefon year? Or something from the Church Lady or Spartan Cheerleader eras? Our exhaustive investigation examined 36 seasons and 7,798 sketches, and came up with a surprising answer.

By John Sellers

For Your Reconsideration: ‘MacGruber’

The Saturday Night Live adaptation is one of the most maligned of all movie genres, and not without justification. Excepting Wayne’s World, it’s been a mostly fruitless enterprise. The 1990s churned out would-be film franchises like an assembly [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

Will Forte on the Failure of MacGruber

While MacGruber wasn't a perfect movie, it bombed way harder than it deserved to. Now, a year after its release, MovieLine talked to Will Forte about what went wrong.It definitely was disappointing. We made a movie that we loved and we still [...]

By Adam Frucci

Ask MacGruber Anything

Ever wondered what it feels like to be blown up three times in one Saturday night?

By Lane Brown