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Macy's Hosts Your Holiday After-party


Macy's announced this week that they are going to keep eight of their locations, including the Herald Square flagship store, open at all hours of the day and night from December 21 to Christmas Eve. From the Staten Island Advance:
Shoppers will be greeted with the ongoing sales Macy's has been holding since Black Friday, said spokeswoman Elina Kazan. "The most important thing about being open 24 hours is that it makes shopping convenient to people with different schedules," she said. "This gives everyone a little extra time." Company officials have been planning the shopping marathon for months to ensure there is enough manpower and merchandise.
Everyone is saying this is so nice of Macy's to open the store so everyone, no matter what their time constraints, has a chance to shop. Now, once all the crowds have gone for the day, customers will be able to wade through the dunes of scattered merchandise in peace. What a great Christmas present. And just think of all the homeless people who will have a nice bed of jumbled merino V-neck sweaters! At Macy's, A Shopping Marathon [SI Advance]

Ben Bradlee Believes in Rupert Murdoch

MEDIA • Legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee on Rupe's play for the Journal: "I think Murdoch is a better journalist than the rest of you do. … Well, I think because he's smart, and he's not going to fill it up with pussy stories. And he's going to get good reporters. I think he does not want to fail on this." [Radar] • Ted Kennedy sold his memoir to Grand Central Publishing for $8 million, but the deal first has to be cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee. Something tells us the chapter on Chappaquiddick won't be too long. [NYT] • The Times bagged their first refugee from the Journal, though it's not a very big catch: John Harwood, the veteran CNBC Washington correspondent and occasional contributor to the Journal, will now take his part-time work to the Gray Lady. [NYO]

Tony Blair Sells Out Rupert Murdoch

MEDIA • Tony Blair sold his memoir for $9 million to Knopf, something of a surprise since Blair has long been tight with Murdoch, known for offering advances so big they resemble campaign donations through HarperCollins. [Media Mob/NYO] • A democratic member of the FCC requested an investigation of Murdoch's Dow Jones deal, arguing the merger consolidates too many powerful outlets in one less than trustworthy hand. [B&C] • Bloggingheads, everyone's favorite lo-fi insider-y political fight club, reached a content-sharing agreement with the Times. [HuffPo]

Anna Sui Opens Macy's Art Exhibit, Loves Psychedelia

The Herald Square Macy's — New York's great middlebrow shopping mecca — is now, perhaps surprisingly, the place where high fashion meets high art. The department store has installed pieces by contemporary artists like Misaki Kawai and Shannon Plumb in its windows, and at a Q&A session to launch the "Art Under Glass" exhibition, designer Anna Sui touted both the project as well as an upcoming retrospective of her work, which Macy’s will display during Fashion Week in September.

Happy Thanksgiving to All, and to All a Good Night!

Well, folks, that's about it for us. On Grub Street, Josh Ozersky imparts his hard-earned Four Simple Rules for Having a Pleasant City Thanksgiving. And earlier we let David Rockwell tell you how the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade makes the city feel smaller, literally. That's all we got, and now we have to start prepping for maximum pigs-in-a-blanket intake. Be careful out there, and we'll catch you Monday morning. Your Last-Minute NYC Thanksgiving, and How Not to Blow It [Grub Street]

Macy's Brings Touch of Christmas to Christmas

Taxicab Cash
Macy's windows themselves are a lot like the store's merchandise — safe and middle of the road. Macy's does score the highest in holiday cheer for daring to place both Santa and the tiniest hint of a religious statement in its windows in the form of a lion lying down with the lamb. (The overwhelming secularism on display this season makes me think that Bill O'Reilly might, in fact, have a point.) The set design is only so-so, lacking the sheer density of Bergdorf's or the stylization of Saks'. And though each scene relates to the next, there isn't much of a story arc, either. And I'm penalizing Macy's further for its shameless embrace of Miracle on 34th Street, which is commemorated in a second set of windows featuring the sort of old-school animatronics that were state-of-the-art at the 1964 World's Fair. But the fact remains that the movie was set in Gimbels, not Macy's, and the latter doesn't deserve any credit simply for outlasting its rivals. Holiday cheer: 8 Narrative: 5 Childlike wonder: 6 Set design: 6 Penalty: -2 Total: 23 (out of 40) This year's winner is Saks, with 27 points! — Greg Lindsay Fear the windows at Saks and Bergdorf. Feel overstylized at Bendel and Barneys.