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  1. alert the madame
    Diddy’s Wax Statue Tragically Decapitated, Smushed at Madame Tussauds New YorkNo, it wasn’t attacked by another statue that came to life, though that was our first thought too.
  2. hot shot
    Can a Child Be King If His Mask Is Wax?“Live wax figures” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bring about an important question.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Warning: Wax Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Figures Have Come to LifeI am terrified.
  4. hot shot
    Is This a Photo of Wax Ed Sheeran or Human Ed Sheeran?Test your skill with this fun and informative one-question quiz.
  5. Night of a Thousand Paul GiamattisInside #WaxPaulNow, the grassroots campaign to get Paul Giamatti a Madame Tussauds wax figure.
  6. music
    Madame Tussauds Has Removed Its No Good, Very Bad Beyoncé Wax FigureDid the Beygency intervene?
  7. Madame Tussauds Blames Lighting for Whitewashed ‘Beyoncé’ Statue“Lighting within the attraction combined with flash photography may distort and misrepresent the colour of our wax figures.”
  8. stein on you crazy diamond
    And Now, Celebrity Wax Figures Dressed in LederhosenAnd other Austrian garb. It’s Oktober!
  9. Here Is the Unfortunate Tale of Nicki Minaj’s Madame Tussauds Wax FigureFeaturing Azealia Banks, the Oracle.
  10. middleton mania
    Kate Middleton’s First Waxwork Unveiled at London’s Madame TussaudsAs waxworks go, Kate looks great. Prince William, however, looks less so.
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jenny McCarthy Loves ‘That Bitch’ OprahPlus, Chelsea Handler has some advice for the folks who are all riled up over those sexy photos of the ‘Glee’ cast in ‘GQ,’ on our regular late-night roundup.
  12. Cult of Chefs
    Alain Ducasse Gets WaxedThe French chef has been immortalized by the Grevin wax museum.
  13. the most important people in the world
    Joan Rivers Gets Felt Up at Madame TussaudsPeople keep patting and stroking her! How weird.
  14. gossipmonger
    Mariah Carey Invites You to Her Registry, Not Her WeddingPlus, gossip about Tommy Hilfiger, Lily Allen, Uma Thurman, and Farrah Fawcett in our daily column roundup.
  15. intel
    The Long Hand of the Trumps Slaps Madame Tussauds Right in Her Wax FaceIn the most hilarious press release we’ve received all week, today we learned that Ivanka Trump actually doesn’t send nail polish to Madame Tussauds weekly to spruce up the wax mannequin in her likeness. We can only imagine the nasty personal phone calls that the Donald made to some poor executive at Tussauds in order to cause them to squeak out this apology. They probably involved a lot of scathing sarcasm and scowling head bobs that you could just hear through the phone. Below, the statement: Madame Tussauds New York would like to set the record straight. On Friday, the Daily News called and was inadvertently given incorrect information by a Tussauds employee. Unfortunately, the employee thought the Daily News was asking about a different figure. Madame Tussauds New York does not in fact have a figure of Ivanka Trump… yet. We apologize for the confusion. Madame Tussauds loves the Trumps and is very proud of its figures of Donald and Ivana Trump, as well as its more than 200 lifelike figures. OH MY GOD — are they saying Ivana Trump is sending nail polish for her wax likeness at the museum? That’s even better!
  16. gossipmonger
    Ivanka Trump’s Totally Awesome Tussauds TraditionIvanka Trump has an assistant go touch up her wax statue at Madame Tussauds every week. Fourteen of America’s Next Top Models totally trashed their $6 million Tribeca loft.
  17. NewsFeed
    Madame Tussauds Immortalizes the Burger King, For a Limited Time It doesn’t take much to become immortalized in Madame Tussauds these days: The wax museum, where Napoleon Bonaparte twice sat for his likeness, now has the copies of RuPaul, Freddie Krueger, and George Pataki occupying its not-so-hallowed halls. Still, we were taken aback when we heard that the Burger King and his progeny, the Whopper, were about to be enshrined. (Burger King, which came up with the idea, also paid for it.)
  18. gossipmonger
    Kristen Johnston Turns Forgetful Into FunnyFormer mayor Ed Koch said his scariest moment in office was when a bunch of doctors threw eggs at his face during the Iran hostage crisis. Kristen Johnston forgot her lines while performing at The 24 Hour Plays. Bill Clinton said that he’d like to do a makeover of Grumpy Old Men with Bill Crystal if Hillary is elected president. An assortment of famous folks ate at both Le Cirque and the Waverley Inn. Donald Trump’s brother, Robert, and wife Blaine got a divorce. Ben Affleck said he’d rather worship Satan than flip baseball-team loyalty à la Rudy Giuliani. Maybe fat Ryan Gosling hung out with a hot brunette at Rose Bar.
  19. photo op
    The Cutest Jailbird We Ever Did See And how does New York commemorate Lindsay Lohan’s latest meltdown, which took place on the other coast? By dressing the Lohan wax sculpture at the Times Square Madame Tussauds in prison stripes. We kind of wish they’d redone the face, too, to match that crazy mug shot. Oh, well.