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  1. Madoff Accomplice Dies Before Sentencing Frank DiPascali was 58.
  2. Bernie Madoff Is IllHe had a heart attack last month.
  3. Madoff Says He Helped Regulators With JP MorganNothing I could do at this point would help my image.”
  4. Bernie Madoff Says Prison Is Like CampHe’s pretty happy with his facility.
  5. Bernie Madoff’s Office Was Even Sleazier Than Previously Thought He was involved in a “love triangle” with an employee.
  6. Bernie Madoff Can’t Afford a Phone CallBut he’s still sorry.
  7. It’s Tough to Get an Apartment When You’re Engaged to a MadoffEven (especially?) when you’re willing to pay $20,000 a month.
  8. Ruth Madoff Dons Hoodie, Tugs TrashWelcome back!
  9. Ruth Madoff Is Back in the Greater New York AreaAnd has been for months.
  10. Bad News for the Mets’ Owners in Their Madoff-Profits TrialThe judge is a Yankees fan.
  11. Just How Much Did the Mets Love Madoff’s Money?Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. (Hands stretched wide.)
  12. Madoff Victim’s Home Burns DownNext up, locusts?
  13. Mets Offer Mildly Fun Perks to Potential OwnersBut definitely not $20 million worth of fun.
  14. Watch Bernie Madoff Boogie on the Dance FloorDoing the drop-it-like-it’s-hot move with daughter-in-law Stephanie.
  15. Ruth Madoff Says It ‘Would Have Been Easier’ If Bernie Hadn’t Lived Through Their Suicide AttemptShe gives a lengthy interview to the ‘Times’.
  16. Bernie Madoff Was Not the Ideal Father-in-LawWe now have even more specifics.
  17. made-off
    Despite Wife’s Claim, Madoff Insisted: ‘I Never Thought of Taking My Life’“It’s just not the way I am.”
  18. Ruth Madoff Says She and Bernie Tried to Commit SuicideBut they didn’t try super-hard.
  19. Bernie Madoff’s Daughter-in-Law Hasn’t Forgiven HimIt might be a while.
  20. Judge Rules Madoff Victims Can Only Get a Limited Amount of Money From the MetsSort of good news for Wilpon and Katz.
  21. Bernie Madoff Thought He Was Going to Help Teach Ethics at HarvardJust like Eliot Spitzer.
  22. Bernie Madoff Trustee Allowed to Pay Less Back After Appeals Court WinIrving Picard’s calculation method was approved in spite of victims’ complaints.
  23. Marisa Noel Brown Sued for Making Money Off of Stuff That Wasn’t HersThere’s an unsatisfying symmetry here.
  24. Bernie Madoff Feels Like a Human PiñataI’m surprised [Judge Chin] didn’t suggest stoning.”
  25. made-off
    Banks Have Figured Out a Way to Capitalize on Madoff Victims’ Financial DistressThe invisible hand of the market likes to pickpocket some people twice.
  26. HSBC Settles for $62.5 Million in Madoff Suit, Won’t Admit WrongdoingThe bank will pony up cash to Madoff’s victims but won’t admit that it knew what it probably should have known.
  27. Bernie Madoff Auction Hits BottomFourteen pairs of the financier’s used underwear and a photograph of an unidentified rear end were sold off this weekend.
  28. Bernie Madoff Ruining Divorces Now TooWhy not? He ruined everything else.
  29. Made-Off
    Even Bernie Madoff’s Wine Collection Is OvervaluedAt an auction yesterday, the 262 bottles of booze fetched double the estimate.
  30. made-off
    Robert De Niro to Star in HBO’s Madoff ProjectThe network has picked up the rights to Diana Henriques’s new book on the Ponzi schemer.
  31. Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book DealThe emotional story of a strong-minded woman overcoming tragedy and moving ahead with life.”
  32. Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against SEC for Failing to Notice a $65 Billion Ponzi SchemeSloppy, but not liable.
  33. Madoff Trustee Wants $43.2 Million for Four Months of WorkFamiliar feelings.
  34. New Filing Names JPMorgan Execs Who Kept Madoff’s Scheme a SecretOne advised that the warnings “never see the light of day.”
  35. Bernie Madoff: ‘This Is My Secret: Danielle Steel’He hides nothing now.
  36. The Madoff Tapes: Bernie on His Son’s SuicideListen to the Ponzi-schemer get choked up about the death of Mark Madoff.
  37. Top SEC Lawyer Sued for $1.5 Million in Fictitious Madoff GainsWell, THIS is awkward.
  38. Ruth Madoff Turned Away From Son’s Memorial ServiceThe consequences of standing by your man.
  39. Guess Which Fortune 500 Company Knew About Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Eighteen Months Before the Rest of Us?Rhymes With Shmae Mee Porgan.
  40. Bernie Madoff’s Secretary Didn’t Want to Spend Kwanzaa in JailAnnette Bongiorno’s bail was denied.
  41. Ponzi Revelations Seriously Screwed Up Andy Madoff’s Wedding PlansAmong other things, obviously.
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    Jeffrey Picower’s Wife Pays $7.2 Billion to Clear His NameWith cash in his pocket, Madoff trustee has “determined that there is no basis to pursue the complaint against Mr. Picower.”
  43. Ruth Madoff Blames Her Husband; Son’s Suicide Won’t Stop the LawsuitsFamily friends say Ruth Madoff is “totally disgusted with [Bernie] and blames him for her son’s death.”
  44. Austrian Lady Banker or Bernie Madoff in Drag? You Decide.There are some striking similarities.
  45. Bernie Madoff’s Debts Have Fallen Even Further Down the Family TreeFive Madoff grandchildren are named in lawsuits to recover funds for Ponzi scheme victims.
  46. Feds Squeeze $625 Million Out of Madoff Ally Carl ShapiroThat’s a lot.
  47. Madoff Trustee Sues UBS for $2 BillionSwiss bank “looked the other way” when it came to Madoff trades, lawyer says.
  48. Man in Bernie Madoff Costume Robs BankThis is either a coincidence or a thief with a good sense of humor.
  49. Bernie Madoff Would Have Been Hopeless Without His SecretariesBehind every successful Ponzi schemer is a woman with index cards.
  50. Woman Buys Ruth Madoff a Present at Auction of Her StuffBuyer of Ruth’s bed plans to return it to her, “if she wants it.”
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