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  1. Just How Much Did the Mets Love Madoff’s Money?Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. (Hands stretched wide.)
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    Banks Have Figured Out a Way to Capitalize on Madoff Victims’ Financial DistressThe invisible hand of the market likes to pickpocket some people twice.
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    Jeffrey Picower’s Wife Pays $7.2 Billion to Clear His NameWith cash in his pocket, Madoff trustee has “determined that there is no basis to pursue the complaint against Mr. Picower.”
  4. Man in Bernie Madoff Costume Robs BankThis is either a coincidence or a thief with a good sense of humor.
  5. Bernie Madoff Would Have Been Hopeless Without His SecretariesBehind every successful Ponzi schemer is a woman with index cards.
  6. ‘Malaysian Minister of Finance II of Malaysia’ Is ‘Real Sorry’ About Bernie MadoffAccording to awesome fake website.
  7. Bernie Madoff’s Daughter-in-Law Finally Decides to Change Her NameIt’s about time.
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    Mark Madoff Is Having a Tough Time Finding WorkThe son of the world’s largest Ponzi schemer would like a new job in finance. Anyone?
  9. The Madoff Auction: Everything But Bernie’s UnderwearAnd that may be on the way.
  10. New Madoff Bio Reveals Further TMISome of the times they walked around naked, Bernie and Ruth.”
  11. Madoff Was ‘a Wonderful Storyteller,’ According to SEC EmployeeOh, the yarns he could spin!
  12. Things Have Really Gone Pear-Shaped for Mark MadoffLiterally.
  13. Bernie’s Wang: ‘On the Short Side, Small in Circumference’Further revelations from the Ponzi schemer’s former mistress.
  14. Lady Who Had an Affair With Bernie Madoff Actually Very PrettyWeird.
  15. Madoff CFO Had Illegal Firearms Until Last WeekHe was just hanging on to them, we guess, in case they came in handy.
  16. How to Distance Yourself From Your Former Employer, the Famous LiarObfuscate, cover up, whitewash — just lie, basically — advises a career counselor.
  17. Ruth Madoff: 100 Pounds of Rage?Or loving, wonderful mother? After reading ‘Vanity Fair”s take, we still don’t know.
  18. Andrés Piedrahita Considers Himself a Victim of Bernie Madoff, TooAlso, he wants to give all the money back to everyone.
  19. Noel Son-in-law Spotted ‘Vacationing Blatantly’Andrés Piedrahita has taken his ill-gotten gains to the high seas, like the pirate he is.
  20. Bernie Madoff Gets 150 Years, Concedes ‘Legacy of Shame’Judge Denny Chin has given Bernie Madoff the maximum sentence.
  21. The SEC’s Report on How It Missed Madoff Is Totally in the MailNo, really, they swear.
  22. Irving Picard Gets No Thank-yous, Lemonade From Madoff VictimsThe trustee of the Madoff estate is loathed by mostly everyone. :(
  23. Building a Ponzi Scheme Is Fun and EducationalA Manhattan-based company has created a cell-phone game that mimics the Ponzi scheme run by Bernie Madoff.
  24. Fairfield Greenwich Employee Tried to Cover Ass, Failed SpectacularlyI need to show people who invested in Sigma that I was doing due diligence in what is the largest scam in financial history.”
  25. Bernie Madoff Lied About Everything Else — Why Wouldn’t He Lie About How Much Money He Stole?That $50 billion figure is probably wrong.