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And so it is the day after tax day. Did you get your returns filed on time? We visited the U.S. Post Office in the underground lair of Rockefeller Center yesterday afternoon, where we found a long and slow-moving line of deadline-finishers waiting to mail theirs. Why wait till the last minute? We asked them.

Don't Mention the Swift Boats!

Free Cone Day
In the magazine this week, Geoffrey Gray wrote about the political implications of Rudy Giuliani's lack of military service. In the piece, he described VoteVets.org as a "left-leaning version of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." Those eight words were posted on Daily Kos and generated lots of letters. There are too many to print here, but after the jump, a sampling of spleen. (Gray's response will be posted shortly.)

Best Junk Mail Ever

We were throwing out junk mail the other day when we noticed the return address on one of the postcards. It promptly became our favorite piece of junk mail ever. Related: NYCWasteLe$$ [NYC.gov]