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Man On The Street

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    ‘How Gay Do I Sound?’We asked a bunch of people to celebrate the opening of the documentary film Do I Sound Gay?
  2. Dispatch From Fire Island: Evacuate!Our man on the street, Tim Murphy, reports from the boardwalks of Cherry Grove.
  3. Man on the Street: Yoga in Central ParkCan 10,000 yogis use their collective spiritual force to stave off the rain? Or stave off Tim Murphy, for that matter?
  4. The Man on the Street Asks If Sex and the City 2 Is ‘2 Much?’We suspect our man on the street himself may think so.
  5. Man on the Street: The Night of a Thousand SteviesOur Tim Murphy investigates a twenty-year-old tradition.
  6. Dagorhir Fighters in Prospect ParkTim Murphy investigates this group of medieval fighters in Prospect Park.
  7. Man on the Street: Mr. Trans Man 2010We sent our Tim Murphy to a Female-to-Male beauty pageant in Brooklyn.
  8. Man on the Street: Tim Murphy Boards Le Jeanne d’ArcOur man boards a ship full of young French sailors.
  9. So, New York, What Makes You Happy?Tim Murphy takes to the street to ask.
  10. Video: Inside the Vicious World of Competitive YogaOur Tim Murphy kicks the ass of inner peace and spirituality.
  11. Tim Murphy Attends His Own FuneralInside Simon Hammerstein’s “Purgatorio.”
  12. Video: Acting Lessons With Gossip Girl’s Sebastian StanThe actor we love as Carter Baizen teaches a group of children, and our Tim Murphy, how to smolder.
  13. Working Out at David Barton Gym With David BartonWe sent Tim Murphy to sweat with the owner in his house of worship.
  14. Casting for Sex and the City, the SequelYesterday there were auditions for nonspeaking roles in the upcoming ‘Sex and the City’ film. Naturally, we sent Tim Murphy along to check it out.
  15. Using the Lower East Side’s Pop-up Wedding ChapelTim Murphy checks out Norfolk Street’s latest venue, and decides to take the plunge.
  16. Governors Island Day TripWe send Tim Murphy to enjoy the delights of the developing park.
  17. Backstage Video: Broadway BaresOur Tim Murphy takes on the assignment of his life.
  18. Video: World Naked Bike RideTim Murphy catches up with naked cyclists at this environmental protest.
  19. Man on the Street: Lounging in the New Times SquareWe sent our Tim Murphy with a video camera to check out exactly how fully pedestrians were enjoying their new territory at the crossroads of the world.
  20. Bears Spotted in Central ParkThe big, burly kind that like to hug each other in a special way.
  21. Video: Meeting Madonna’s New NeighborsWe sent our Tim Murphy to the far reaches of the Upper East Side to meet the men and women who will be getting to know the pop star in the coming months.