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  1. This 92-Year-Old Woman Finished a Marathon This Weekend, What Did You Do?Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman to finish a marathon on Sunday. 
  2. trailer mix
    Watching Simpsons Is Better Than Creating EarthSo says the promo for FXX’s every-episode marathon.
  3. the pixie club of hollywood
    What Pamela Anderson’s Pixie Cut MeansThe World’s Sexiest Woman gets an “unsexy” haircut.
  4. 2012 new york city marathon
    Disappointed Marathoners Volunteer InsteadSome in Staten Island, others in Newark.
  5. hurricane sandy
    Hotels Choose Between Marathoners, Sandy VictimsIt’s only a tough choice for some.
  6. Closings
    Is Marathon in the Midst of Meltdown?The homegrown chain seems to be in a tailspin.
  7. Marathon Man
    Danny Meyer Joins NYC Marathon — With Special Five-Borough MenuThe USHG menu will serve a menu based on neighborhoods in all five boroughs, or the path the marathon takes through the city.
  8. Closings
    University City’s Marathon and MarBar ClosedThere’s no word yet on what will replace it.
  9. Trends
    We’re, Like, Totally Getting Farmed OutFarm fetishism is reaching a fever pitch.
  10. Deals
    Marathon Enters the Rogue Restaurant Week FrayUpping the ante for Restaurant Week and its many imitators, Marathon is offering three-course dinners for $20.