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Margaret Thatcher

  1. superstitions
    Margaret Thatcher Once Refused to Fly on a Plane With a PandaShe thought it was bad luck.
  2. The V&A Turned Down Margaret Thatcher’s WardrobeSo now it’s going up for auction.
  3. gallery
    Old Hollywood Through the Lens of a Pioneering Female PhotographerPhotojournalist Eve Arnold photographed everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Malcolm X.
  4. when getting dressed is hard
    Powerful Women and Their ‘Uniforms’: What I’ve LearnedConfidence takes you very far. And Hermès doesn’t hurt.
  5. hairy situations
    Vanessa Hudgens Is A Dead Ringer For Margaret ThatcherWhen you have beach-wave fatigue, go for the Iron Lady.
  6. handbagging
    Margaret Thatcher’s Purses Wildly Popular Since Her DeathLauner London saw a major spike in sales yesterday.
  7. scenes from a funeral
    The Man With a Margaret Thatcher Memorial TattooPictures and video from the Iron Lady’s funeral.
  8. BBC Opts for Weak Compromise in Margaret Thatcher ‘Witch Is Dead’ BattleThey will play a “news segment” instead of the full song.
  9. ‘Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead’ Shooting Up British Charts After Thatcher DeathIt might make the top five for the week.
  10. Gingrich References Downton in Thatcher EulogyThe man is obsessed. 
  11. Frank Rich: GOP Shamed Out of Guns FilibusterEven if background checks pass, it will be a small step forward for gun control.
  12. Why Female Politicians Aren’t Always Pro-WomenThatcher, Palin, and whether parity in politics will create equality of the sexes.
  13. margaret thatcher
    The Best Time Margaret Thatcher ‘Died’It was actually a cat named Thatcher.
  14. Obits
    How Margaret Thatcher Helped Invent Soft-Serve Ice CreamOne of her lesser-known accomplishments.
  15. 10 Very Sexist Things People Said To or About Margaret ThatcherShe put up with a lot of garbage.
  16. Margaret Thatcher Was Right About the Euro, But for the Wrong ReasonsShe thought a currency union would give way to a federal Europe.
  17. photobituary
    Margaret Thatcher: A Life in PicturesDancing with Reagan, riding in a tank.
  18. A Lot of People Still Hate Margaret ThatcherNot everyone is ready to let her rest in peace.
  19. Margaret Thatcher, U.K.’s First Female Prime Minister, Dies of a StrokeShe was 87 years old.
  20. beefs
    Margaret Thatcher’s Biographers Don’t Love Iron Lady“I was strongly against the film depicting a living person with dementia.”
  21. Sarah Palin Gets Out-Meaned by Margaret ThatcherAnd Mitt Romney!
  22. clickables
    See Another Photo of Meryl Streep As Margaret ThatcherMeryl, are you in there?
  23. clickables
    See Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher in The Iron LadyCan Meryl Streep ever sell dowdy?
  24. popscorn
    Rodarte Celebrates Stem-Cell Scientists in the New Issue of PopIt’s either weird enough to work or not weird enough at all.
  25. Thinking Big Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s request to lay a wreath at ground zero was the unlikeliest wish in a week of ambitious schemes. Hillary Clinton took a second swing at universal health care, laying out a $110 billion program. Rudy Giuliani crossed the pond to London to rub shoulders with Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown, then suggested that Israel join nato. Dan Rather sued CBS for $70 million.