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Ladies and Gentlemen, the $165 Truffletini

The new contender for the city's most audacious cocktail (the sort of thing Marie Antoinette and her harpies would drink) isn't quite as pricey as the $1,500 Duvet Platinum Passion, nor does it contain 23-karat gold like the World Bar's signature cocktail. Still, it makes us wonder whether this whole truffle craze may have gone a bit far. At Tini Ristorante, a white-tablecloth Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side, owner Enzo Lentini is shaving Piedemonte white truffles into a martini served in a three-foot tall, 74-ounce glass (to put this in perspective, that's the equivalent of four Texas-size drinks at Dallas BBQ). The rarefied buzz will run you $165.