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  1. online harassment
    60 Marines Will Face Punishment Following Nude -Photo-Sharing Scandal130 were investigated.
  2. John Kelly Is No-Nonsense. Can He Run an All-Nonsense White House?Donald Trump likes having generals around, and he really likes John Kelly. But can a Marine “run” a White House whose boss loves chaos above all?
  3. Revenge Porn Is Now Illegal Under Marine and Navy Law After Nude-Photo ScandalThe law’s update comes weeks after nude photos of female Marines were shared online.
  4. Female Marines Write Letter Calling for Change After Nude-Photo ScandalAn open letter signed by nearly 100 female Marines calls for an end to misogyny.
  5. sexual harassment
    Former U.S. Marine Blames Nude-Photo Scandal on Having Women in the Military“Why should would we integrate women when we know it’s going to happen?”
  6. sexual harassment
    U.S. Marines Are Reportedly Still Sharing Nude PhotosDespite the Department of Defense’s investigation.
  7. sexual harassment
    The U.S. Military Is Investigating a Horrifying Nude-Photo ScandalMarines have been sharing nude photos of female officers in a secret Facebook group.
  8. women in the military
    Top U.S. Military Officers Say It’s Time Women Register for the Draft“Every American who’s physically qualified should register for the draft.”
  9. 12 Missing in the Pacific: U.S. Marine Helicopters Collide Over HawaiiOfficials spotted a field of burning debris. 
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Marine Gets Up to 12 Years After Killing Transgender Filipino Woman “If what he did isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is.”
  11. Military Helicopter Crashes on Florida Coast; 11 Presumed DeadFoggy conditions may have led to the crash and have made it difficult to conduct a search.
  12. horrible things
    U.S. Marine Charged in Murder of Transgender WomanHe allegedly strangled and drowned her in the Philippines.
  13. Veteran to Marine Corps: Stop With the Casual Rape JokesThe Marine Corps. thinks flip-flops are more offensive than rape jokes. 
  14. shootings
    Marine Fatally Shoots Fellow Guard at North Carolina BaseIt’s unclear if it was intentional.
  15. scandals
    A Marine Did Some Partying During Obama’s Trip, TooWhat happens in Noordwijk does not stay in Noordwijk.
  16. unisex fashion
    New York Post Thinks New Marines’ Caps Are Way Too Girly“They would make the French blush.” 
  17. war in afghanistan
    Marine Generals Basically Fired Over Attack on Prince Harry’s Afghan Base“Asked to retire” is the same thing.
  18. hackers
    Syrian Electronic Army Targets U.S. Marines OnlineSays they should defect before invading Syria.
  19. faqs
    Frequently Asked Questions About President Obama’s Umbrella MarinesWho are they, and why were they holding umbrellas?
  20. military trials
    Afghan Corpse-Urinating Marine Pleads Guilty, Will Have Rank ReducedIt’s a much lighter sentence than the judge wanted.
  21. call me maybe
    Watch U.S. Marines’ ‘Call Me Maybe’ Lip-DubWe send our thanks to Canada.
  22. scandals
    U.S. Marines Also Had a Disgraceful Fight With a ProstituteThe Secret Service scandal is dredging up some ugly realities.
  23. sad things
    Seven Marines Killed in Midair Helicopter Collision Near Yuma, AZTwo choppers collided in midair.
  24. Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated on Taliban Corpses“Obviously 18, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes.”
  25. international intrigue
    Video Allegedly Shows Marines Peeing on Taliban CorpsesUgh. 
  26. america!
    Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball“Truly moved” by the experience initiated from YouTube invite.
  27. Betty White Crushes A Man’s DreamsSadly, Betty White’s Marine suitor Ray Lewis will not get to slow dance with the Nana of his dreams, as White had to turn down his invite to […]
  28. Betty White Asked To Marine Ball by Appropriately Reverent Sargent Another day, another service person seducing a celebrity via YouTube. In this video, Marine Sergeant Ray Lewis asks Betty White to accompany […]
  29. don't ask don't tell
    Command Sergeant Major to Marines: ‘Get Over’ DADT RepealThe ‘Journal’ tagged along for an overseas trip.
  30. clickables
    See the U.S. Marines’ ‘Hold It Against Me’ LipdubBritney approves.
  31. drama on the high seas
    Marines Recapture Ship From Pirates, Remind Us That Pirates Still ExistWhoo!
  32. don't ask don't tell
    Military Chiefs of Staff Object to Early ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ CompromiseThey’d rather wait until their much-touted study is completed in December.
  33. gays
    Gates and Mullen to Argue Against ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’That Pentagon will detail the steps it’s taking toward preparing for a repeal of the ban.
  34. gays
    Military Steps Up Talks on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ RepealHigh-level meetings have been called to talk about making good on one of Barack Obama’s campaign promises.