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  1. health care
    If Democrats Flip Senate, They Plan to Fix Obamacare, Not Pass Medicare for AllIf Democrats win the Senate and take on the filibuster, their health-care agenda will involve an Obamacare fix and some strengthening of Medicare.
  2. who has my secrets
    I Don’t Care What My Data Is Worth. I Just Want to Know Who Has It.New legislation would force tech companies to put a precise value on user data, but it targets the wrong industry.
  3. space
    Lawmakers Are ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’ to Be Briefed on UFOs: ReportMark Warner was one of three senators to hear a briefing on UFOs from the Pentagon on Wednesday, as lawmaker interest in the topic increases.
  4. Why Northam’s Win in Virginia Was So ImpressiveHe didn’t just eke out a victory, he improved on Clinton’s numbers in the state — and that’s very promising for Democrats.
  5. What’s Up With Those Wild Polls in Virginia?Non-presidential polling is always tougher.
  6. Virginia Democrats Spooked by Fears of a Falloff in TurnoutVirginia Democrats are haunted by Trump’s 2016 win. But they’re also bugged by the turnout falloff that nearly beat them in 2013 and 2014.
  7. select all
    Facebook’s Russian Ad Buys Aren’t the Real Problem, Senators SayThe problem is the sheer size of the network.
  8. Even ‘Corporate Democrats’ Are Moving LeftSenator Mark Warner may be the least populist Democrat in the Senate. But in Philadelphia, he’s saying modern capitalism is broken and only big government can fix it.
  9. equal rites
    Senator Mark Warner Announces Gay Marriage Switch Just Under the Wire [Updated]On his Facebook page.
  10. early and often
    Heilemann: Why the Democrats Are Failing in DenverMark Penn’s still causing trouble in Hillaryland, and the Democrats aren’t effectively framing McCain in negative terms.