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Marriage Equality

  1. equal rites
    Religious-Exemption Amendments to Marriage-Equality Bill Pass State Assembly 82–47The Senate, meanwhile, is burning through bills at a fast clip.
  2. equal rites
    Senate Will Vote on Marriage Equality Act Tonight, Religious Exemptions Agreed UponThis could mean nothing.
  3. equal rites
    Property-Tax-Cap and Rent-Regulation Bill Being Printed, Republicans ‘Just Getting to’ Marriage-Equality DiscussionsNot much progress so far today.
  4. equal rites
    Daily Show Picks Up on One of the Many Elements of Absurdity in Albany This WeekNamely: corn.
  5. equal rites
    State Senate Going Home for the Night, No Vote on Same-Sex Marriage, Rent Regulation, or Property-Tax Cap“No votes.”
  6. equal rites
    Republican State Senator Greg Ball a ‘No’ on Marriage Equality, But Expects a Vote Tonight and a PassThere are still three undecideds, as tentative as they are.
  7. early and often
    Obama at Manhattan LGBT Fund-raiser: Gay Couples Deserve ‘Same Legal Rights’ As Straight CouplesThat’s not quite an endorsement of marriage.
  8. party chat
    Gawker Boss Nick Denton Is ‘a Little Tired’ of Being Jaded, and Yes, He Wants to Get MarriedThe new-media guru hosted a marriage-equality event last night.
  9. equal rites
    State Senate ‘Close’ to Final Language on Religious Protections in Marriage-Equality Bill [Updated]Republican senator: “I see it coming to the floor.”
  10. oh albany!
    Still No Votes on Marriage Equality or Rent-Regulation and Property-Tax-Cap Omnibus Bill in AlbanyWhy hurry?
  11. equal rites
    Could a Public Referendum Be the Republicans’ Lifeline From This Marriage-Equality Mess?That could be one result of a meeting this afternoon.
  12. equal rites
    Mario Batali, Audra McDonald Join Pro-Marriage-Equality Protesters in AlbanyAlso, state troopers.
  13. equal rites
    Rent-Regulation and Property-Tax Deal Likely to Be Voted on Tonight in State SenateNo marriage equality, though.
  14. equal rites
    Republican State Senator Jim Alesi: I’m Happy to Be Seen As the Symbolic Turning Vote on Marriage EqualityWhat’s with the rest of you guys?
  15. equal rites
    Skelos: Deal in Place on All Outstanding Issues But Marriage Equality, No Vote GuaranteedHe said he expects the session to end tomorrow.
  16. equal rites
    State Senate Aides Spent Weekend Hashing Out New Religious Language in Marriage-Equality BillA deal appears near.
  17. photo op
    A View From Manhattan After the StormA rainbow!
  18. equal rites
    Daily News: Marriage-Equality Vote Not Until Weekend or LaterAnd the debate drags on.
  19. equal rites
    Republican State Senators Insist on Unspecified Changes to Marriage-Equality Bill Before Allowing VoteThe bill, which includes extensive protections for religious groups, does not go far enough they say.
  20. equal rites
    New York State Assembly Passes Marriage-Equality Bill 80-63All eyes on you, Senate.
  21. oh albany!
    Senate Republicans Still Haven’t Decided Whether to Let Marriage Equality Come to a VoteBecause now that it might actually pass, why risk it?
  22. equal rites
    Cuomo Calls for Expedited Marriage-Equality VoteThe game here is to keep the momentum rolling.
  23. equal rites
    New Paltz Mayor Jason West: Even I Came Late to the Marriage-Equality GameMarrying those 24 gay couples back in 2004, even though it got him in trouble with the law, was “one of the best days of my life.”
  24. equal rites
    Marriage Equality in New York Just One Vote AwayAnother GOP state senator has stepped up to the plate.
  25. equal rites
    Federal Judge Rejects Bid to Dismiss Prop 8 RulingThe judge in that case, Vaughn Walker, had no obligation to recuse himself because he himself is gay.
  26. equal rites
    Andrew Cuomo Introduces Marriage Equality ActIt includes language protecting churches.
  27. equal rites
    New York Closer Than Ever to Legalizing Gay MarriageThree Democrats have reportedly flipped, while at least seven Republicans may vote for marriage equality as well.
  28. equal rites
    Mayor Bloomberg Gives Marriage-Equality Speech at Cooper UnionHizzoner keeps beating the drum for his new pet cause.
  29. equal rites
    Focus on the Family Boss on Gay Marriage: ‘We’ve Probably Lost That’“I think we need to start calculating where we are in the culture.”
  30. the third terminator
    Bloomberg: I Will Support Pro-Marriage-Equality Republican State Senators ‘No Matter Where They Stand on Any Other Issue’Hizzoner talks tough.
  31. equal rites
    Pastor at Ruben Diaz/NOM Anti-Gay-Marriage Rally: ‘Those Who Practice Such Things Are Worthy of Death’But “this is not about hate.”
  32. equal rites
    Archbishop Dolan: Allowing Gays to Marry Would Lead to ‘Orwellian’ FutureBecause in ‘1984,’ it was the government giving people too many rights that was the problem.
  33. equal rites
    Larry King: I Get to Marry Over and Over, Why Shouldn’t Gays?He filmed the latest HRC Marriage Equality ad.
  34. equal rites
    As Cuomo Launches Statewide Marriage Equality Tour, Foes Pledge $1.5 MillionThe money race is heating up.
  35. equal rites
    LGBT Equality and Justice Day Kicks Off in AlbanyHundreds of advocates have converged on the capital.
  36. equal rites
    Brazil Legalizes Civil Unions for Gay CouplesThe Supreme Court handed down a near-unanimous ruling yesterday.
  37. equal rites
    New York State Faith Groups Respond to Unified Gay Push for Marriage RightsWe’re united, too!
  38. equal rites
    Obama Continues to Hint That His Continuing Evolution on Gay Marriage Is ContinuingWe expect this to continue until, oh, about November 7, 2012.
  39. equal rites
    Four Gay Groups Team Up to Better Coordinate for Marriage EqualityLet’s stop all this squabbling!
  40. equal rites
    Bloomberg Pledges to Lobby Albany on Behalf of Marriage Equality“If there’s a chance to pass a bill, I will do it.”
  41. equal rites
    Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Dies in State AssemblySome Democrats just weren’t ready.
  42. equal rites
    Cuomo Making Good on Vow to Try to Legalize Marriage EqualityHe’s holding a strategy meeting today with gay leaders.
  43. equal rites
    Maryland Senate Votes in Favor of Gay MarriageAnd Maryland’s governor pledges to make it official.
  44. equal rites
    Hawaii Legalizes Same-Sex Civil UnionsThe state that first legalized same sex marriage is coming back around.
  45. equal rites
    Mark Ruffalo Is the Latest Celebrity to Make an HRC Video in Support of Marriage Equality in New YorkThe star of ‘The Kids Are All Right’ actually DOES believe in gay marriage.
  46. equal rites
    Obama Decides Defense of Marriage Act Is Unconstitutional, Orders Justice Department to Stop Defending It in CourtThis is big.
  47. bush daughter
    George W. Bush’s Daughter Barbara Endorses Gay MarriageBarbara makes a break from dad’s party line.
  48. gilli-brand management
    Kirsten Gillibrand on The View: Harry Reid Is an ‘Extraordinary Man’Is that better than being the Senate’s “hottest member”?
  49. equal rites
    Prop. 8 Case Bumped to California Supreme CourtAt question is the issue of standing.
  50. bigots
    NOM Gets Revenge on Iowa Supreme CourtThis apparently tastes very sweet.
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