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For Martin Starr, the Best Roles Are as Exciting as They Are Terrifying

Whether it’s as a freak and/or geek, a caterer, or a senior security architect, Martin Starr is best known for one of his roles in three of the most well-received comedies of this century. But between those shows, which somewhat surprisingly [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

‘Silicon Valley’s Skewering of the Tech Industry Feels Spot-On

A few weeks ago, South by Southwest offered an advance screening of the first two episodes of Mike Judge's new sitcom, Silicon Valley. It was shown as part of the festival's Episodic section, a new addition this year. Janet Pierson, Head of [...]

By Erica Lies

Ken Marino and Martin Starr Will Be in the ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

The Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie is going to feature a little Party Down reunion. Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, who also created Party Down announced yesterday evening that Ken Marino and Martin Starr will both be appearing in the [...]

By Bradford Evans

Martin Starr to Join Community’s Study Group, If But Briefly

Apparently the second episode of Community's star-studded third season will focus on the world of Model UN, and it'll feature a face familiar to fans of Party Down and other wonderful things: Marin Starr. He'll play their "fearless poly-sci [...]

By Adam Frucci