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Master Debaters

  1. What You Missed in the Final Mayoral DebateThe highs, the lows, the random Rocky IV references. 
  2. Steve Lonegan Calls Cory Booker’s City a ‘Big Black Hole’At their final, and nastiest debate.
  3. Lhota Challenges De Blasio to Five DebatesWell, five. 
  4. What You Missed in the Final Democratic Mayoral DebateAnthony Weiner was really nice to people for some reason. 
  5. All the Democratic Candidates for Mayor Support Stoop DrinkingAnthony Weiner also wants to get you drunk in parks and on the beach. 
  6. What You Missed in Wednesday Night’s Mayoral DebateThe highs, the lows, the whining, the sassing.
  7. Brooklyn DA Debaters Can Turn Anything Into an InsultCharles Hynes and Ken Thompson got nasty.
  8. Round Two of Spitzer vs. Stringer Was Just As NastyYou don’t know right from wrong,” snapped Stringer.
  9. The 13 Nastiest Attacks in the Nasty Spitzer-Stringer Comptroller DebateThis was a heated hour. 
  10. Months Later, Debate Co-Chair Says Crowley Was a ‘Mistake’Frank Fahrenkopf gives a pep talk to Nevada Republicans.
  11. master debaters
    The Latest Republican Scapegoat: GOP Primary Debate ModeratorsThey forced Mitt Romney to say unpopular things!
  12. Bob Schieffer Wants to Double the Number of Presidential DebatesAmerica can’t handle that many drinking games.
  13. John Kerry Seriously Thinks It Was the Altitude Definitely wasn’t Obama’s debate prep, that’s for sure.
  14. Third-Party Candidates Debate Focuses on Issues, Criticizing Obama and RomneyPlus amusing moderation from Larry King.
  15. Schieffer Had No Idea He Mixed Up Obama, OsamaWhat are you going to do?”
  16. Obama’s Bayonet Analogy Too Complex for RyanTo compare modern American battleships and Navy with bayonets — I just don’t understand that comparison.”
  17. master debaters
    Obama’s ‘Battleship’ Zinger Wasn’t Out of LineIn the third debate, Obama “indulged in zingers” to cast his opponent as a relic of eighties foreign policy.
  18. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Romney Fails the Commander-in-Chief TestThe Beltway morning-after boilerplate on Mitt is wrong.
  19. What You Missed in the Foreign Policy DebateThe highs, the lows, the horses and bayonets. 
  20. Schieffer Praised for Being the Most Moderate of the Debate ModeratorsNo bias, just folksy charm.
  21. Mitt Romney’s Nonsensical Middle-East GeographySyria is Iran’s route to the sea?
  22. President Obama Does Not Want to Play Battleship With Mitt RomneyAlso, “horses and bayonets.”
  23. Obama Invites Presidential Bear Hugger to Tonight’s DebateJust in case things go awry.
  24. Mitt Romney Is Already Sitting at the Debate DeskWhat if Romney just sits there all day?
  25. A Bipartisan Guide to Complaining About Moderator Bob Schieffer’s BiasHe’s a shameless liberal with a soft spot for conservatives.
  26. In Debate, McCaskill Avoids Attacking Akin on ‘Legitimate Rape’Both sides pulled punches.
  27. People Have Opinions on Another Nonexistent Presidential DebateThis time it’s the First Lady debate.
  28. It’s Unconstitutional to Be Rude to the President, According to Chris MatthewsI don’t think [Romney] understands the Constitution of the United States.”
  29. Obama and Romney Were ‘a Step Away From Blows’Plenty of confrontation in the second presidential debate.
  30. Great Moments in ‘Failed Attempts at Not Looking Ridiculous’These people pretended to have an opinion on the debate when it hadn’t even happened yet. 
  31. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama the Alpha DogThe president left the Ambien at home and kept going at Romney.
  32. What You Missed in the Presidential Town Hall DebateThe highs, the lows, the binders full of women.
  33. Jeremy Epstein Joins Twitter, May No Longer Be an Undecided VoterOne of last night’s questioners tweeted at Barack Obama this morning.
  34. Video Recap: The Second Presidential Debate in Under Three MinutesAlternate title: Pardon the Interruption?
  35. Libya Debate Question Involves Sharp Attacks, Murky FactsCan you say that a little louder, Candy?”
  36. Scenes From the Battle of Long IslandObama and Romney got into some heated confrontations in tonight’s debate.
  37. Mitt Has ‘Binders Full of Women,’ But No Equal Pay AnswerHe is concerned about helping moms get home in time to make dinner.
  38. Green Party Candidates Make Unsuccessful Attempt to Crash DebateJill Stein and Cheri Honkala were arrested outside Hofstra University.
  39. The Ten Most Dangerous Kinds of Town Hall Debate ParticipantsAlternate title: The 10 People You Meet in Town-Hall Debate Hell
  40. Ahead of Second Debate, Romney Trails ObamaThose expecting another clear Romney debate victory should temper their expectations, Heilemann said.
  41. Seth Meyers Makes Debate Offer: Punch Candidate, Get Free PizzaThe SNL writer has one-upped Pizza Hut’s giveaway.
  42. Debate-Expectations Lowering 2.0: Media Won’t Let Romney WinHe’s a victim of his own success.
  43. Candy Crowley Vows to Make Herself UsefulShe will ask questions during the debate tomorrow night.
  44. Candy Crowley Called Too Fat to Moderate DebateWe wish we were surprised.
  45. Heilemann: Debate Is Obama’s Biggest ChallengeThe badness of Obama’s first debate performance has sunk in.”
  46. Both Campaigns Are Worried About Candy CrowleyShe might dare to ask follow-up questions.
  47. Romney Campaign Releases Inevitable Laughing Biden AdWhat took them so long?
  48. 51.4 Million People Were Blinded by Joe Biden’s Teeth Last NightThe ratings are in. 
  49. Allegedly Victorious Conservatives Can’t Stop Griping About Martha RaddatzLet us examine their many complaints!
  50. What You Missed in the Vice-Presidential DebateThe highs, the lows, the malarkeys. 
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