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Masters Of The Universe

  1. the industry
    McG in Talks to Direct Masters of the UniverseBy the power of Grayskull!
  2. automatons
    Elite B-School Robots Undeterred by Efforts to Reveal Their Human Sides“Tell you about myself, you say? Hold on, let me boot up introspection.exe.”
  3. movies
    Jon M. Chu to Direct He-Man MovieA live-action take on Masters of the Universe.
  4. masters of the universe
    Cliff Asness, SuperheroHis special power? Being a gigantic jackass.
  5. masters of the universe
    JPMorgan’s Blythe Masters Instructs Team to Sack Up“Competitors are “scared shitless of us …They’d better be, because this is a platform that’s going to win.”
  6. masters of the universe
    Michael Steinhardt Kisses His Llamas on the MouthThe legendary former hedge-fund manager has softened in his old age.
  7. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Emile Hirsch to Fight AliensPlus: Barbarians! Dirty politicians!
  8. reboots
    Why Can’t We Have a He-Man Movie?Warner Bros. and Mattel’s hilarious plans for a live-action movie reboot of ‘Masters of the Universe’ have once again been put on ice.
  9. the industry
    Confusing: ‘Office’ Actress Joins NBC’s ‘Office’ Non-SpinoffPlus: The He-Man movie isn’t dead after all!
  10. small victories
    He-Man Movie DeadAfter thoughtful consideration, Warner Bros. just decided that a film version of the eighties cartoon would not be a very good idea.
  11. the industry
    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way