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  1. science of us
    A Sociological Investigation of #NoWanksWhat does white nationalism have to do with jerking off? Or, rather, not jerking off?
  2. beat the meatles indeed
    All of the Beatles Masturbation Puns We Can Think of at the MomentHere are all of the Beatles masturbation-related puns we can come up with at the moment.
  3. sexual misconduct
    Woman Says Flight Attendants Made Jokes After Passenger Masturbated Next to HerShe also says the man was “allowed to finish,” with a child sitting close by.
  4. At the Comedy Cellar, Jim Norton and Other Stand-ups React to Louis C.K. Scandal“What a weird time in show business. What a crazy, crazy time.”
  5. sexual harassment
    All the Times Louis C.K. Made a Creepy Masturbation JokeAfter five women accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, many of his jokes have taken on more sinister overtones.
  6. sexual misconduct
    Tig Notaro Says She Feels ‘Trapped’ by Her Association With Louis C.K.“He knew it was going to make him look like a good guy, supporting a woman.”
  7. timelines
    A Timeline of the Louis C.K. Masturbation AllegationsAs with Harvey Weinstein, the rumors had floated around the “whisper network” of women in comedy for years.
  8. sexual assault
    Why Men Force Women to Watch Them MasturbateA sex therapist explains.
  9. sex onscreen
    Call Me By Your Name Has The Most Iconic Fruit-Based Sex Since American PieIt’s the scene that everyone will be talking about.
  10. harry styles
    Harry Styles Says Masturbation Lyrics Are Up for ‘Interpretation,’ You Perv“I think we danced around that one O.K.”
  11. chat room
    Dear White People’s DeRon Horton on Playing Lionel and His Masturbation Scene“Yes, I was watching Troy have sex at the same time as the masturbation was occurring.”
  12. unwifeable
    50 Things Women Think About When MasturbatingFrom frozen peas to Gilbert Gottfried.
  13. jessica williams for president
    Jessica Williams Has No Time for Boring Masturbation JokesShe’s sick of hearing about white straight male comedians’ dicks.
  14. no thanks
    Attention Subway Pervs: Move to Italy, Where That Kind of Thing Is Now LegalEven if it’s done with the clear aim of being seen by other people, Italy’s highest court ruled masturbating in public isn’t illegal.
  15. let's talk about sex
    How Your ‘Sex Diaries’ Sausage Gets MadeThis week in the Sex Lives podcast.
  16. Ted Cruz Says He Won’t Ban DildosStockpiling sex toys in anticipation of a Cruz win in November no longer seems necessary.
  17. early and often
    Ted Cruz Says He Won’t Ban DildosStockpiling sex toys in anticipation of a Cruz win in November no longer seems necessary.
  18. bad sex
    The Girls and Sex Problem Affects Adult Women, TooTeens aren’t the only ones who could stand to learn about pleasure.
  19. The Weird Ways Kids Learn to MasturbateImagine a more colorful world in which couches were humped and jungle gyms were employed as lust machines.
  20. sex lives
    Do Happy Couples Masturbate? When Masturbation Meets CohabitationWhen masturbation meets cohabitation.
  21. adages
    Miley Cyrus Endorses Masturbating Every DayKeeps the haters away, maybe the doctors.
  22. sex
    Why We’re Scared of MasturbationModern fears about masturbation come from one specific document — but it isn’t the Bible.
  23. damn the man
    Apple Won’t Sell a Female-Masturbation App Nobody’s getting off for now.
  24. last night on late night
    Aubrey Plaza Explained Her To Do List Masturbation Scene“I thought I was doing one thing, and when I showed up, it was a whole different thing: It was a full-body shot.” 
  25. gross things
    Sometimes You Just Need to Masturbate While Driving a Bus Full of PeopleApparently.
  26. love thyself
    For Women, Is Masturbation the Last Sex Taboo?Men can joke about self-love, but it’s still transgressive when women do.
  27. important journalism
    Hill, Rogen, Franco on Weed, Farts, MasturbatingWho is the most apocalypse-ready?
  28. adventures in sex
    I Went to a Female Masturbation Class“Genital show and tell” with an octogenarian.
  29. adventures in sex
    Do These Leggings Cause Orgasms, or Is It Just Me?I thought women who claimed to have exercise orgasms were lying. Then I got a new pair of running tights and became one.
  30. neighborhood news
    Man Seeks to Pleasure Himself in Every NYC StarbucksEw. Also unfunny.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Amy Sedaris’s Magic Cookies Will Make a Liar Out of YouPlus, Chelsea Handler could care less about Taylor Momsen’s thoughts on the topic of masturbation, on our regular late-night roundup.
  32. mad men
    Betty Draper Could Have Handled That Whole Masturbation Thing BetterYou know, without the hitting.