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  1. Matt Taibbi Leaves Omidyar’s First Look Media [Updated]Our differences were never about editorial independence,” says Omidyar.
  2. Raging Against Hacks With Muckraker Turned Magazine-Maker Matt TaibbiJournalists should be dark, funny, mean people. It’s appropriate for their ­antag­onistic, adversarial role.”
  3. Matt Taibbi Is Latest Journalist to Hop on ‘Start Your Own Site’ TrendAt First Look Media.
  4. Matt Taibbi Insists the Election Is Already OverAnyone who says this six months before November is wrong.
  5. Even Matt Taibbi Is a Bit Sick of the ‘Vampire Squid’ His Goldman Sachs metaphor won’t die.
  6. Occupy Wall Street Is ‘Squidding’ Goldman Sachs [Updated]Whatever that means! Protesters are marching on the bank.
  7. Matt Taibbi: SEC Has ‘Terminal Brain Damage’ for Deleting FilesMetaphors and corruption are everywhere!
  8. Matt Taibbi: Laughing at Michele Bachmann Only Makes Her StrongerThere’s something to this theory.
  9. First Ad for Keith Olbermann’s New Show Reminds You of Everything You Hate About Keith OlbermannAlso, he’s just hired Matt Taibbi!
  10. Wall Street Rashomon: The Times vs. Matt TaibbiHow some of the worst villains of the financial crisis came out more or less unscathed.
  11. Matt Taibbi Fails to Recognize Own InsultForgot which TV personality he called a “douch-wad.”
  12. Match the Matt Taibbi Insult to the Public FigureAn afternoon game.
  13. Matt Taibbi on His CraftLiterarily, in order to sell people on a lot of the subject matter, it just works better when you make a villain, like a James Bond–style villain, out of Goldman Sachs.”
  14. Goldman Sachs Worries That Allegations of Nuclear Testicles Might Be Bad for BusinessLook what happened to Iraq!
  15. This Is What Happens If You Tell Matt Taibbi You Don’t Like His Work to His FaceWho are you? What have you ever written?”
  16. Lloyd Blankfein Has a Secret Weapon With Which He Controls the WorldTwo, actually.
  17. Matt Taibbi Is Doing His Wild Crazy Gonzo Journalism Thing Again!Should you care? No.
  18. Battle of the Blowhards: Matt Taibbi and Charlie Gasparino Prepare to Face OffWill they insult each other to death?
  19. ‘Dickweeds,’ ‘Vampire Squid,’ and ‘Morons’The week (so far) in web wars.
  20. Matt Taibbi to Erica Jong: ‘I Don’t Want to Do My Mother’At the Huffington Post, the novelist and the ‘Rolling Stone’ writer really get into it. And by “it,” we mean trivial nastiness of the rhetorical sort.