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  1. the racie to gracie
    Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Care If You See All of Tuesday Night’s Mayoral DebateMeanwhile, the other four candidates are very concerned about NBC’s plan to cut the broadcast short.
  2. hairy situations
    Dante de Blasio Has the Best Hair in PoliticsHis Afro extraordinaire is making an impact with voters.
  3. weddings!
    Christine Quinn and Khloe Kardashian Almost Shared a Wedding Dress“I was devastated because that was my dress!”
  4. Is Anthony Weiner Running for Mayor, or Himself?The probable candidate’s new interview is long on self-analysis and short on why people should vote for him.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bipartisan Bribery Plot to Rig the NYC Mayoral Race Foiled by FBIMalcolm Smith, Dan Halloran, and four other local politicians have been arrested.
  6. Bill Thompson Makes Stop-and-Frisk a Personal Issue in Mayoral RaceHe got unusually heated on the subject last night.
  7. the racie for gracie
    Tom Allon Drops Out of Mayoral Race AlreadyHe was never going to win, but he served a purpose.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    Liu ‘Demands Answers’ on Kimani Gray ShootingThe city comptroller is taking a more aggressive stance on the controversial police shooting than his fellow mayoral candidates.
  9. Are Everyday New Yorkers Open to Another Billionaire Mayor?We checked in with John Catsimatidis’s dream constituents.
  10. Joe ‘Who?’ Lhota Has a Long Way to GoNew Yorkers don’t know the MTA chief or any other Republicans who want to be mayor.
  11. Joe Lhota Makes His Mayoral Run ExplicitImagine what I can do in the future with a much more complex organization.”
  12. Alec Baldwin Likes De Blasio for Mayor, Thinks Quinn Is ‘Untrustworthy’The public advocate could use some help.
  13. The Last Thing Joe Lhota Wants Is to Talk About Running for MayorBut that’s all the press wants to hear.
  14. Bloomberg Would Rather Endorse Clinton for Mayor, If She’d Only RunHe asked her to run but she said no.
  15. the jews
    The New York Times on the 2013 Mayoral Race: ‘Where Are the Jews?’Perhaps they found a nice girl to marry.
  16. Giuliani Endorses Lhota for Mayor, If He RunsHe’ll have to decide soon, but he’s a bit busy at the moment.
  17. Christine Quinn Wouldn’t Want to Be a Mayor Without a MemoirHer book will come out just before the 2013 election.
  18. baldwinning
    Alec Baldwin Supporting Some Dude for MayorIt’s a him, not a Quinn.
  19. An Arrest Record Seems to Be an Asset in the Next Mayoral RaceStreet cred!
  20. ‘Page Six’: Bloomberg Campaign Knew About Weiner’s Kinky WaysAnd they used it to stop him from running.
  21. Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Liu Have a Truly Adult RelationshipIt is ice-cold, colder than anything I’ve ever seen.”
  22. early and often
    Dick Grasso: A Spitzer Mayoral Run ‘Would Be a Great Asset to My Candidacy’But he still may run himself.
  23. Weiner and Quinn Already Leading 2013 Mayoral Money RaceOf all the six current politicians mulling a run, those two are millions ahead.
  24. Eliot Spitzer for Mayor in 2013That is, apparently, the plan.
  25. the third terminator
    NY1 Cameras Banned From Mayoral Debate Post MortemAnd that’s a catfight we would have wanted to see!
  26. Smith: Orthodox Vote to Only Cost Bloomberg $8 Million?An unscheduled stop yesterday in Borough Park makes us wonder about Priority 7 funding.
  27. Poll Finds That Bloomberg Is Beating Thompson by Sixteen PointsIt’s not sixteen BILLION points, so that’s something.
  28. Montgomery Burns Launches Mayoral CampaignEeeeexccellent.
  29. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Makes an Effort With Matt Damon EndorsementThey made a funny video! Because that’s all Matt Damon does these days.
  30. Cuomo Out-Raising Paterson Statewide, in City Thompson Picking Up PaceThe “tortoise and the hare” campaign approach appears to be very popular this year.
  31. City Democrats Shocked that Hired Hatchet Flack Lacks Political IntegrityHoward Wolfson used to rail against Mayor Bloomberg’s wealth and hubris. Now he works for him. Can you imagine?
  32. Weiner Got Huma to Say ‘Yes’Hillary Clinton’s glamorous aide accepted a proposal from Rep. Anthony Weiner.
  33. Bill Thompson: The New Nutter?The Democratic mayoral candidate is eying Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter for inspiration.
  34. Tony Avella Has ‘Lips Like Julia Roberts’And a butt like Kathy Ireland!
  35. Most New Yorkers Don’t Think Bloomberg Deserves a Third TermNot that it matters.
  36. Anthony Weiner: I’m Not Afraid of Bloomberg’s Money (It’s Just That, Well, It’s So MUCH Money)The former potential mayoral candidate officially backs out of the race he never really entered.
  37. Obama: Bloomberg ‘Outstanding’Aw. That’s nice. We’re sure he’ll say that whatever actual Democrat opposes him this year in the mayoral race is even more outstanding. Right?
  38. Bloomberg’s Opening Move: $3 Million Barrage of AdsBut is this for the voters? Or another intimidation tactic for his rivals?
  39. Bloomberg Is Already Spending on ReelectionHis campaign has registered nearly $3 million in expenses already.
  40. early and often
    Anthony Weiner Backs Away From Mayoral RaceThe congressman, who vowed to run this year no matter what, is having second thoughts.
  41. Republicans Seemingly Unimpressed With Bloomberg’s Best Efforts at FlirtingToday’s meeting with the GOP over ballot placement produced no visible results.
  42. Gershman: Bloomberg’s Do-or-Die MeetingTomorrow Hizzoner faces the city’s Republican chairs, seeking their approval to run on the party line. It’s not expected to be pretty.
  43. Bloomberg’s Approval Rating Lowest Since 2005Hey, it could be worse. He’s been mayor since 2002.
  44. Unsurprisingly, Political Parties Don’t Want Bloomberg BackAfter years of bashing party politics, why would they? Too bad he needs them now.
  45. Shopplegangers
    Trader John for MayorTrader John’s is open, and its owner, John A. Catsimatidis, is open to running for mayor.
  46. This Mayoral Race Could Be Interesting Yet!Gristedes chief John Catsimatidis may still run for mayor!
  47. Chris Smith: Between the Lines of Tomorrow’s State of the City SpeechWhat will Mayor Bloomberg be saying when he takes the stage tomorrow?
  48. Anthony Weiner, Claiming Mayoral Mudslinging Shouldn’t Start Yet, Starts Mayoral MudslingingThis race is going to be so much fun.
  49. Is Mayor Bloomberg the New York GOP’s Silver Lining?Apparently Hizzoner is wooing back his Grand Old Party.
  50. First Bloomberg Opponent Drops Out of 2009 Mayoral RaceBruce Blakeman renounced his candidacy today.
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