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The New York Times Could Always Just Start a LiveJournal

The 'Times' today had three stories about the media's epic struggle to stay afloat. Way to be self-referential, 'Times'! And they say newspapers are having trouble adjusting to the Internet.

By Yelena Shuster

Your Ad Here

The L.A. 'Times' and other media outlets are giving ads more prominent placement, and sometimes even disguising them as front-page news stories! More on the media meltdown in our daily wrap-up, sponsored by your mom.

By Mike Vilensky

Surfing Editor’s Ride Is Over

Meanwhile, Google doesn't understand why the AP is so angry when it's just trying to help them, and other news on the changing media.

By Mike Vilensky

The Media Is Fixed!

April Fools. The media is still definitely limping along.

By Kathryn H. Cusimano