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  1. 2018 midterms
    Even Old Folks Trended Democratic in 2018The Democratic future depends on young and minority voters and college-educated women. But many seniors vote, and more of them are voting Democratic.
  2. the budget
    Please Stop Helping Mitch McConnell Lie About the DeficitThe Senate Majority Leader says that simple math requires the U.S. to cut Social Security and Medicare. Too many “objective” reporters agree.
  3. medicare for all
    GOP’s Latest Mediscare Tactic Is Deeply CynicalAttacking Medicare for All as a threat to Medicare is pretty bald-faced.
  4. The GOP’s New Midterm Message: Nancy Pelosi Wants to Cut MedicareRepublicans’ closing argument in an Ohio congressional special election is that a Democrat-controlled House would cut Medicare and Social Security.
  5. Voters Who Like ‘Medicare for All’ May Not Support Single-PayerTruth is, single-payer is very different from Medicare, even if it borrows the Medicare “brand.”
  6. No, Democratic Populism Won’t Force Republicans to Accept Big GovernmentReihan Salam wants Republicans to develop a positive agenda of universal programs the white working class will embrace. It’s not going to happen.
  7. California Considers Medical Price ControlsIn an alternative to single payer, a California proposal aims at holding down health care costs.
  8. Paul Ryan’s Long Fight to Destroy the Welfare State Ends in DefeatAfter failing to repeal Obamacare and “reform” Medicaid, Ryan looked forward to more years of futility and decided to pack it in.
  9. No, the HOPE Scholarship Didn’t Kill Great Society LiberalismA provocative op-ed says Zell Miller’s and Bill Clinton’s embrace of merit-based scholarships showed their betrayal of liberalism. I beg to differ.
  10. The 3 Claims Republicans Are Making About Their Tax Bill’s EffectsSome of the good things tax cuts produce are ephemeral; others could backfire.
  11. Liberal Think Tank Unveils New Alternative to Single-Payer Health CareYou can view the new CAP proposal as a sign of growing Democratic progressivism, or as a way to avoid the problems with single-payer plans.
  12. Ryan to Unemployed Poor: Let ‘Em Eat Job TrainingThe frustrated would-be entitlement reformer Paul Ryan is taking the indirect route of linking work requirements to job-training programs.
  13. McConnell Says No to Ryan’s Dream of Cutting Entitlements in 2018Ryan wants to use power to achieve ideological goals. McConnell wants power for power’s sake.
  14. politics
    Paul Ryan Tried to Save Medicare by Having Sex 3 Times“I did my part, but we need to have higher birth rates in this country.”
  15. Paul Ryan Is Trying to Talk Trump Into Cutting MedicareIt would be even more insanely unpopular than what they’ve already done.
  16. Republicans Are Going to Take From the Poor to Give to the RichSpending cuts provide an alternative way to “pay for” GOP tax cuts. And it’s far more likely than attacks on sacred cows in the tax code.
  17. LePage Insists Medicaid Is ‘Welfare’With Maine voters having a chance to expand Medicaid over Paul LePage’s objections, he wants the ballot to call the venerable program “welfare.”
  18. Tom Price at HHS Is Just What the Doctors OrderedOut of the spotlight, HHS secretary Tom Price has been busily dismantling regulations that hold his fellow physicians accountable for results.
  19. House Budget Proposes Cuts to Medicare, Taxes on the RichThe House GOP wants the president to break his promise not to cut Medicare, for the sake of funding regressive tax cuts.
  20. After Trumpcare, Republicans Will Have to Tackle an Even Bigger MessYes, the health-care debacle has stalled budget and tax bills, but Republicans are nowhere close to agreement on the broad outlines of a fiscal plan.
  21. Mark Penn Mischaracterizes the 1996 Clinton-Gore CampaignAn op-ed co-authored by Clinton strategist Mark Penn tells Democrats to emulate a 1996 strategy the actual candidates did not pursue.
  22. California’s Single-Payer Bill Halted by Democratic Assembly SpeakerCiting two big procedural bars to enactment of a single-payer plan, Speaker Anthony Rendon stopped action on it, inviting attacks from proponents.
  23. Nevada Is Considering a Revolutionary Health-Care ExperimentGet ready for “Medicaid for all.”
  24. Will New York and California Take the Plunge on Single-Payer Health Care?With the national debate in chaos, big blue states might just go it alone on socialized health insurance.
  25. GOP Prepares to Make Case Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax CutsWhispers are emerging from Capitol Hill to that effect.
  26. Tom Price Is the Perfect Villain for Obamacare DefendersThe upside of Price’s confirmation for Democrats: A (seemingly) corrupt opponent of Medicare is now the face of Obamacare repeal.
  27. Red-State Democrats Not Rushing to Help Republicans Just YetThe GOP assumed that Dems from pro-Trump states might be of help in the Senate. It’s not looking that way.
  28. Trump Meets Big-Pharma CEOs, Then Seems to Flip-flop on Negotiating Drug PricesOn the campaign trail he mocked the lobbyists. Today he sounded like one.
  29. While You Were Sleeping, Senators Took the First Step Toward Obamacare RepealParty unity generally held, but GOP senators were placed on record casting some politically dangerous votes.
  30. Has Trump Really Taken Social Security and Medicare Reform Off the Table?There are serious tensions within the GOP on the matter. But the president-elect has given a new signal.
  31. Memo to Medicare-Focused Democrats: Please Don’t Forget About MedicaidEven as they attack GOP plans to wage a “war on seniors,” Dems need to remember the “war on poor folks,” too.
  32. Will Republicans Try to Privatize Medicare in 2017?Doing it now, with so many other things on their plate, would be tricky business.
  33. Republicans Might Be Serious About Going After MedicareTom Price agrees with Paul Ryan.
  34. Paul Ryan Says Medicare Privatization Is On“Because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke,” Ryan said. This is false.
  35. The Brave Politics of Clinton’s Medicare Buy-In ProposalIt isn’t just another halfhearted “move to the left” toward a single-payer system. 
  36. Medicare Will Likely Start Covering Sex-Change OperationsAn official review board found that the procedure is often medically necessary.
  37. Why Republicans Won’t Bargain With Obama AgainThere’s a logic to it.
  38. Ryan Tells Retirees He Won’t Take Away Medicare She joined the vice-presidential candidate on a campaign stop at a Florida retirement village.
  39. Obama Campaign Chooses Ryan Rival Chris Van Hollen for Debate PrepVan Hollen has the policy and political wit to give the soundbite that’s just like Paul Ryan immediately.”
  40. Mitt Romney Introduced Paul Ryan in Front of a Battleship for Some ReasonMeet your new GOP ticket, America!
  41. Does Rick Perry Think Medicare and Social Security Are Unconstitutional?His comments on Medicare and Social Security could come back to haunt him.
  42. Obama’s Proposed Deficit-Reduction Plan Could Take More Than $1 Billion a Year From New York’s Teaching HospitalsAnd some of our biggest ones are already operating on the edge.
  43. Obama Puts Social Security and Medicare Cuts on the TableNo more sacred cows in the budget deal.
  44. Dems Force a Vote on Medicare BillFive Republicans voted against it.
  45. Bill Clinton Was Not the Best Democrat TodayHe’s pals with Paul Ryan now.
  46. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The Republican Upset in NY-26Both parties are not looking at this as an isolated incident.”
  47. How Conservatives Are Reacting to Their Surprising Loss in Western New YorkIt had nothing to do with Medicare. NOTHING!
  48. Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins Vacant G.O.P. House Seat“When [Hochul] started making these comments, I thought, ‘This is so outrageous no one would ever believe it.’ Apparently some people did.”
  49. How to Interpret Today’s NY-26 Special ElectionCan it tell us anything about 2012?
  50. Newt Gingrich Keeps Finding Other Things on Which to Blame Words That Came Out of His MouthMeet the Press” was too “adversarial.”
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