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  1. memes
    Tired: Eating Tide Pods. Wired: Drinking Tide Boxed Wine.Twitter noticed that Tide’s new box packaging looks a lot like a box of wine.
  2. bubble bath
    The Story Behind That Big Mouth ‘Bubble Bath’ Remix That Blew Up the Other DayThe creator of the song, Dizzy Rambunctious, explains its creation and how Netflix caught on to it.
  3. not cool
    Tricking Your Readers Isn’t Cute, Even If It’s in the Name of Voter RegistrationIf you see a link on Twitter claiming Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are splitting up, you might want to think twice about clicking it.
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    The Bongo Cat Meme Is Our Light in the DarknessIt’s a cat, and it plays sweet music for you.
  5. select all
    I Wanted to Understand This Fareed Zakaria Meme. So I Talked to Waluigi.Twitter’s favorite new meme format for today goofs on Fareed Zakaria talking to Bono about populism.
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    The ‘Do Yall Hear Sumn?’ Meme Cares About Not CaringA new SpongeBob meme tells users to not even bother.
  7. ha ha ha
    Are You Johny Johny or Papa?Johny Johny? Yes, Papa. Are you Papa? Maybe, Papa.
  8. The Billy Eichner ‘Let’s Go, Lesbians!’ Meme Is Here to Save the DayThis will be Eichner’s legacy.
  9. Astrology, the World’s Oldest, and Newest, Meme TrendAcross social media — particularly on Instagram — a rash of new accounts have emerged wanting to tell you about your celestial self through memes.
  10. satc anniversary
    The Very Best Memes from Sex and the CityThe show that launched a thousand memes.
  11. tonys 2018
    The Stars of Spongebob on Broadway Make Their Own Spongebob MemesThe Krusty Krab is to this video as the Chum Bucket is to other content you might consume today.
  12. Is This Voice Saying ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’?It’s “The Dress” but for your ears.
  13. The Pigeon Meme Is Here to Bring Order to the InternetWhat does the pigeon meme tell us about the internet — and ourselves?
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    ‘Tired SpongeBob’ Is the Worst SpongeBob Meme“Me after I talk about Tired SpongeBob.”
  15. The New Despicable Me Meme Mercifully Has Nothing to Do With MinionsIn case you were wondering why Twitter is full of people talking about “gorls.”
  16. the internet
    Mariah Carey Just Memed HerselfNo one deserves her at her “The Emancipation of Mimi.”
  17. meme life
    Oh God, Are We Really Dressing Like Ali G?Life imitates memes; memes imitate life.
  18. Mindy Kaling Gets Final Word on the ‘If You Don’t Love Me at My’ MemeOne of several popular memes on Twitter this week.
  19. flipping the bird
    Woman Fired for Giving Trump the Finger Sues Former EmployerHer middle-finger salute went viral last October.
  20. bros icing bros
    Pour One Out for Our Fondest ‘Icing’ MemoriesNew York staffers share stories of getting Smirnoff ‘Iced.’
  21. If You’re Mocking Teens for Protesting With Memes, You’re Missing the PointTeen protesters armed with SpongeBob SquarePants–inspired signs know exactly what they are doing.
  22. Just Some Really Good Infinity War Crossover MemesA new meme inspired by Marvel’s latest.
  23. The Krusty Krab–Chum Bucket Rivalry Has Officially Achieved Meme StatusAnother great meme from the world of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  24. Once I Finish Writing This Meme Explainer, It’s Over for You BitchesA good meme for reminding yourself of everything standing in the way of achieving your dreams.
  25. Jennifer Garner’s Mid-Oscars Realization Was the Night’s Best MemeThe actress appeared to have some sort of epiphany during the show.
  26. 2018 oscars
    Meryl Streep Gives the People What They Want at the OscarsAnother meme.
  27. How One Texas Candidate Is Using Memes and Facebook to Push the State LeftwardRichard Wolf is only 23, but he has experience in what matters — posting online.
  28. We Live in Metal Gear NowWhat is real and what is a simulation?
  29. The Best Memes of Pyeongchang So FarWe’re about halfway through the 2018 Winter Olympics so it’s time to take stock of all the memes the games hath wrought thus far.
  30. Phallic Statues Early Contenders for Best Meme of the OlympicsThe Bullet Man statues were reportedly inspired by “the human desire for a cool body.”
  31. Shirtless Tongan Flag Bearer Still Shirtless at Winter OlympicsPita Taufatofua makes his return, this time as a cross-country skier.
  32. meme life
    Why Is ‘Absolute Unit’ a Menswear Meme?It has to do with a very large lad.
  33. ‘Girthers’ on Twitter Are Just Asking Questions About Trump’s SizeThe president, who is 71, has apparently grown an inch in recent years.
  34. NBC Causes Dumb Controversy by Referencing Meme in Oprah TweetA textbook example of getting rolled by an online outrage mob.
  35. memes
    The Democrats’ Mean Girls Joke Falls Embarrassingly FlatStop trying to make this happen.
  36. A Year of Salt Bae, the Internet’s Perfect ChefThe living meme captured the best and (mostly) worst of 2017.
  37. Please Don’t Eat a Tide Pod, No Matter What the Memes SayA reminder that ingesting laundry detergent, even detergent that looks like candy, can kill you.
  38. We Asked Bill Nye to Do Some Meme Fact-Checking and He Did Not DisappointBut what does he really think about aliens?
  39. New Year’s Meme Ensures Perfect Moment of Your Jam Will Be Playing at MidnightAs in Kesha singing that high note from “Praying” exactly at midnight.
  40. These Are the Memes You Fools Googled the Most in 2017Only in 2017 could a man being violently dragged from a plane make this list.
  41. All the Times I Said ‘I Know That Thing’ During This Year’s YouTube RewindIt’s all very confusing.
  42. This Is Just to Say I Have Written a Blog Post Explaining the Icebox-Plum MemeExplaining this week’s most poetic meme.
  43. drake memes
    Enjoy Your New Drake Meme: Drake Caught Panic-Pouring a Grapefruit PerrierAh, it’s been awhile since we had a truly great Drake meme.
  44. Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Honored With Significantly Less Hideous StatueCongrats to the soccer player on his newer, hotter statue.
  45. Obama–Biden Memes Reach Meta Peak With Birthday TweetHappy birthday, Joe Biden.
  46. Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton Hold New Money in a Photo That Memes ItselfThere really aren’t words.
  47. risky business
    Woman Fired After Flipping Off Trump While Biking Past MotorcadeJuli Briskman’s viral fame cost her a job.
  48. Woman Fired After Flipping Off Trump While Biking Past MotorcadeJuli Briskman’s viral fame cost her a job.
  49. Trump Under Fire for Improper Fish-Feeding TechniqueIn the first etiquette snafu of his Asia trip.
  50. memes
    Trump Followed Japanese PM’s Lead in Feeding Fish ImproperlyA misleading photo caught what seemed like the first etiquette snafu of his Asia trip.
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