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  1. space of the week
    A Tribeca Condo Where Playful Glamour Meets Graphic ContentInterior designer Jessica Ayromloo combined a clean, contemporary black-and-white palette with a side of color and a riff on Memphis design.
  2. extremes
    St. Vincent on Being Inspired by Jenny Holzer and Italian ArtThe singer and guitarist is about to launch a pop-up art space in New York City.
  3. moment
    The Memphis Design Movement Is Having a MomentThe ’80s aesthetic has reemerged, inspiring Greenpoint ceramicists, Supreme collaborations, and an exhibit at the Met Breuer.
  4. kudos
    Watch Timberlake’s Memphis HOF Induction SpeechJimmy Fallon introduced the new inductee.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: The Beautifully Filmed Memphis Doesn’t Add Up to MuchWhat happens when an artist can no longer conjure up their own world?
  6. casting couch
    Forest Whitaker May Star in Martin Luther King Movie MemphisDirected by Paul Greengrass.
  7. Paul Greengrass’s MLK Movie Memphis Is Reportedly Back OnAlmost two years after we heard about it.
  8. adaptations
    Broadway’s Memphis Becoming a FilmOne you can see in movie theaters.
  9. Oeno-File
    Memphis BBQ Takes On Santa Barbara WineFour Memphis chefs will pop into The Wine Cask this week for two pop-up dinners.
  10. tonys 2010
    Tonys Review: All That Star Power, But for What?Producers were so thrilled by all the boldfaced names, they forgot to make the show any good.
  11. tonys 2010
    Movie Stars, Memphis, Red Come Out on Top at TonysDenzel and ScarJo win big.
  12. Mediavore
    Jamie Oliver’s Food Fails with Kids; Comme Ca Opening in VegasWhen the Naked Chef cooked for a West Virginia school, kids stopped buying food, while David Myers sets his sights on Sin City.
  13. Mediavore
    Costco Protects Sarah Palin; Teacher In Trouble for Hooter’s TripTomatoes hidden for Palin’s safety and a teacher takes an ill-advised field trip.
  14. Beef
    Does Chicago Have the Best Barbecue in America?Nagrant makes the case that Chicago kicks the pants off of Memphis, if not the whole country.
  15. ranters and ravers
    Michael Bolton of Broadway Musicals IdentifiedCharles Isherwood: “Dare I suggest that ‘Memphis’ is the Michael Bolton of Broadway musicals? I do.”
  16. the industry
    Death Row Records Revived; More New Tupac!Plus: The music Adam Lambert doesn’t want you to hear!
  17. the industry
    Dakota Fanning Rocks!Plus: Tyler Perry makes more movies.
  18. early and often
    Clinton and McCain to Appear Side by Side on MLK PanelThis will be a much-needed photo op for Clinton, who wants to frame the race as being between her and McCain, as the two most distinguished and serious candidates.
  19. company town
    Is Kate Beckinsale Too Hot to Play Judy Miller?MEDIA • Matt Drudge cracked open The New Republic’s Iraq fabulist controversy once again. Did the mag’s Baghdad diarist really make up details about mass graves and troops ridiculing a disfigured female soldier? Franklin Foer complains that Drudge’s docs could only have come from the Army. [Slate, NYO] • Chris Jones, the managing editor of Portfolio.com, announced his departure from the mag after giving notice over a month ago. High-level rumors also indicate Joanne Lipman may soon be relieved from command — but only for the Website. [WWD] • The Judith Miller movie is now filming in Memphis, and let’s just say that Kate Beckinsale is way too hot to be a reporter. On the other hand, the Valerie Plame CIA character, played by Vera Farmiga, looks just about right. [WP]