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  1. alexandria ocasio-cortez
    Republicans Are the Worst Fashion PoliceA conservative reporter tried to call out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for… owning a jacket.
  2. investigations
    Are Toilet Bowls Truly Too Short for Some Men’s Junk?A depraved investigation inspired by the “Masculine Toilet.”
  3. good ideas
    Scientists Discover Female Termite Colony that ‘Discarded’ All MalesMales have been ‘discarded’ from a society in which they formerly played an active role — interesting.
  4. hubba hubba
    Noah Centineo, Shameless HeartthrobMy date with the best thirst architect the internet’s ever seen.
  5. chats
    What Men Can Learn From Sex and the CityThe comedian talks Carrie or Miranda, Aidan or Big, and why we should never forgive Berger.
  6. le sports
    All the Best (and Worst) Beards of the NBA FinalsThe most interesting and the most tragic of facial hair.
  7. father's day 2018
    The Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads on AmazonWho deserve something extra nice.
  8. men
    Piers Morgan Has a Lot of Thoughts About the Gender Pay GapHe can’t stop talking about it!
  9. new faces of things
    Adam Levine’s New Fragrance Campaign Has Him Asking ‘Why?’Putting the Y in YSL Beauté.
  10. spring scents
    Louis Vuitton Is Creating a Chocolate-Inspired PerfumeAmong the six new men’s scents the brand will be releasing.
  11. for richer or pore-r
    Rick Ross and His Beard Are Launching a Beauty LineFeaturing hemp, caviar, and Champagne.
  12. very deep dive
    So You’ve Graduated From A.P.C. Raw Denim. Here’s What to Buy Next.A deep dive into the world of raw denim.
  13. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Mark Cuban Saying ‘Right’ on Shark TankEver since Cuban opened my ears to the tic, I’ve noticed it near constantly.
  14. health
    Could Ibuprofen Impact Male Fertility?A new study suggests prolonged use of the painkiller might lead to infertility.
  15. practical
    The One Book to Buy All the Men in Your LifeIt’s called Where does your penis belong?
  16. science
    Man Accused of Exaggerating Flu Symptoms Says ‘Man Flu’ Is RealA Canadian researcher says men’s immune systems may be naturally weaker.
  17. this week in web videos
    Two Women Creators Have Reminders for MenMen are undergoing a bit of a renaissance right now. A bad one. The Bad Renaissance, as it shall henceforth be known. Whereas the 14th […]
  18. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I Hate Men.’Most men are terrible, but don’t let them control your happiness.
  19. sexting
    Why Do Straight Men Send Other Guys Dick Pics?Sometimes it’s like a focus group. Sometimes it’s a joke. And sometimes they just want to show off.
  20. surveys
    Grocery Shopping Is Another Activity Men Think They Are Really Great At“They’re buying for right now, or maybe tonight. Anything beyond that is too long-term.”
  21. white men rapping
    Here’s Ryan Phillippe Rapping a Little Ditty He WroteHe mentions Cruel Intentions and calls himself Daddy, so …
  22. white men rapping
    And Here’s Ryan Phillippe Rapping a Little Diddy He WroteHe mentions Cruel Intentions and calls himself Daddy, so …
  23. sports
    Professional Baseball Players Are My Spring Hair InspirationTheir wavy locks are so in this season.
  24. Here’s (More) Evidence Testosterone Makes Men DumberIn a new study, a dose of T led men to perform significantly worse on a task that involves carefully working through a problem.
  25. men
    Adult Men Are Extremely Mad They’re Not Allowed to Go to LegolandOne even wants to file a human-rights complaint.
  26. men's fashion
    Let’s Not Call Obama Stylish Just YetIt’s not exactly true that he ditched office and discovered fashion.
  27. A Unified Theory of Why Men Send Dick PicsThey evolved to do it. Kind of.
  28. helplessness
    Report: Men Forced to Do Stuff While Women Attended MarchBreaking news from the paper of record.
  29. masculinity
    Sexism Can Be Harmful for Men Too, But Not in the Ways You Might ThinkA new study finds a link between sexist attitudes and negative mental health outcomes.
  30. Louis C.K.’s Hillary Clinton Endorsement Is BadIf we have to pretend he has good opinions about the election, I’m going to die.
  31. Dadbods Make Men Healthier and More Attractive, According to ScienceWhat great news for dads.
  32. everyday sexism
    Men Are Getting Better at Housework, But Women Still Do MoreWe still haven’t achieved housework parity.
  33. The Feel-Good Reason Twins Outlive Everybody ElseThe identical ones especially.
  34. swellness
    7 X-Treme Teas for Men OnlyOnly real men can drink these herbs.
  35. hot shot
    Jonah Hill Sees a Woman, Acts Totally NaturalHe spotted her on a walk in Soho yesterday. 
  36. The Top 5 Most Sex-Crazed Bachelorette ContestantsThese guys are here for all the right reasons.
  37. nope
    Oh Good, Now Men Are Trying to Ruin Book ClubsA book club of one’s own.
  38. The Horrendous Celebrity Men of CoachellaShould men go to Coachella? Probably not. 
  39. hairy situations
    Guess What Men Are Shaving NowSomewhere below the belt.
  40. the flu-fighting power of estrogen
    Estrogen Protects Women Against Flu, Men Left Sick, Weak, Begging for SoupAccording to a new study, women rule and men drool in terms of halting flu-virus replication.
  41. crappy holidays
    Today We Celebrate Both Men and Toilets!What color ribbon do I wear?
  42. deceptions
    Ten Chores We’re Pretty Sure Men Aren’t DoingAs evidenced by the dust bunnies.
  43. illusions
    Prosthetic Man-Buns, for the Man Who Wants MoreRelief for the follicular challenged.
  44. at the beach
    10 Men on Bathing Suits and Body AngstReflections on Speedos, waxing, and Brad Pitt.
  45. lists
    25 Things Men Worry Could Give Them Man-BoobsThere’s a lot of paranoia, according to the internet.
  46. male grooming
    Put Beer in Products, Men Will FollowBro-brew-beauty.
  47. london dispatch
    Burberry Showed Lace Officewear at Its Men’s ShowWill the look catch on with the nine-to-five set?
  48. J.W. Anderson Stares Head-on Into the FutureWhile Sarah Burton mined a deep-sea inspiration at Alexander McQueen.
  49. gratuitous male objectification
    Hot, Throbbing Veins Are the New Six-Pack Details has declared it, and so it shall be.
  50. diet tips
    Eat Your Way to a Dadbod This Summer!Light beer is for your “good” days.
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