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    The Most Instagrammable Museum Is Facing $5,000 in Environmental FinesSprinkle pools: great for pictures, bad for the environment.
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    Signs You’re Vacationing in Majorca With a Manic-Pixie-Dream BoyfriendDon’t panic.
  3. menaces
    Beware the Manic Pixie Dream BoyfriendHe’s here to make your life magical, whether you want it or not.
  4. menaces
    Basically Every State Begging Dennis Kucinich to Move ThereHe might run for reelection in a new state.
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    How Biting an Olive Pit Resulted in Two Years of Agony for Dennis KucinichA warning for us all.
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    An Olive Pit Basically Destroyed Dennis Kucinich’s LifeThe olive pit he bit down upon in the congressional cafeteria left him with “permanent dental and oral injuries.”