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Mergers And Acquisitions

  1. business
    How a CVS-Aetna Merger Might Actually Put Money in Your PocketCertain corporate combinations can produce real savings for consumers — and this vertically structured health-care deal is an example of that.
  2. mergers and acquisitions
    Nutella Maker Reportedly Snags Deal to Buy Nestlé’s U.S. Candy BusinessItaly’s Ferrero is set to get Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, and SweeTarts for a cool $2.8 billion.
  3. the chain gang
    Arby’s Announces Plan to Acquire More MeatsThe protein-loving chain will buy Buffalo Wild Wings for nearly $3 billion.
  4. mergers and acquisitions
    Aldo to Acquire Vince Camuto to Make One Giant Shoe ConglomerateMergers and acquisitions: de rigueur.
  5. mergers and acquisitions
    Pepsi Is Reportedly in Talks to Buy Vita CocoThe king of coconut water has claimed it’s worth $1 billion.
  6. mergers and acquisitions
    Apple Music Head Jimmy Iovine Says Apple Isn’t Planning to Buy Tidal After All“We’re not looking to acquire any streaming services.”
  7. mergers and acquisitions
    Apple Is Reportedly in Talks to Buy TidalThe battle over which streaming service will emerge victorious continues.
  8. mergers and acquisitions
    Is There a New Luxury Conglomerate on the Block?Valentino and Balmain now exist under the same umbrella.
  9. The Tech Site Singularity Is Here: Vox Is Buying ReCodeSoon everything will be run by BuzzFeed anyway.
  10. Charter Buys Time Warner Cable for $55 BillionCongrats?
  11. mergers and acquisitions
    Neiman Marcus Will Soon Own MyTheresa.comYet another acquisition for the company.
  12. Murdoch Really Wants Fox to Buy Time WarnerAn $80 billion bid by 21st Century Fox was rejected, but he’s not giving up that easily.
  13. Apple Really Is Buying Beats for $3 Billion, and Dr. Dre’s Services Are IncludedYes, Dr. Dre works for Apple now, the companies confirmed.
  14. Deliverance
    That GrubHub IPO Is Now Valued at $1.7 BillionThe revised prospectus bumps up the delivery company’s value a lot.
  15. mergers and acquisitions
    Steve Madden and Brian Atwood to Ink Deal [Updated]Now, this is how you mix high and low.
  16. Deliverance
    GrubHub Files for $100 Million IPOThe delivery company juggernaut says it has 3.4 million users.
  17. Curbed Network Sells for Up to $30 MillionIn cash and stocks.
  18. mergers and acquisitions
    Nicholas Kirkwood Gets Some of That LVMH CashMore success!
  19. mergers and acquisitions
    Politico’s Owner Bought Capital New YorkPlans “to do in New York what we did in Washington with Politico.”
  20. Deliverance
    Seamless-GrubHub Delivery Juggernaut Agrees to End Exclusivity ArrangementsDinner checks and balances in action.
  21. mergers and acquisitions
    American Apparel Bought a Small New York BoutiqueGetting into bed with Dov Charney actually sounds like a good idea.
  22. Deliverance
    GrubHub and Seamless Merge to Form Food-Delivery JuggernautThe bride and groom are keeping their names, maybe.
  23. big daddy kane
    PPR Acquires 51 Percent of Christopher KaneDid not see this coming.
  24. mergers and acquisitions
    Vice Acquires i-D MagazineThe media company got its “best Christmas present ever.”
  25. New York Times Dumps About.com, Says It Needs to Focus on ItselfAnd what to do with the $300 million.
  26. About.com Is a Hot Commodity All of a SuddenBarry Diller’s IAC has made an offer to buy it from the New York Times Company.
  27. Mergers and Acquisitions
    Google Acquires Frommer’s, Will Gradually Integrate with ZagatGoogle buys Frommer’s, which will be slowly integrated with their Zagat content.
  28. FYI
    Yelp and Bing Team Up in Attempt to Thwart Zagat and GoogleYelp review excerpts will now be a feature of Bing searches.
  29. Coffee Talk
    Starbucks Stock Price Falls Slightly on News of La Boulange PurchaseThe coffee giant just yesterday announced the purchase of a small San Francisco café chain specializing in French pastries.
  30. Mergers and Acquisitions
    Google and Zagat Make First Big Move Together, Announce Google+ LocalThe new service just launched today, following last year’s merger, with Zagat–formatted restaurant reviews and Google muscle.
  31. Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 BillionMark Zuckerberg is spending a bunch of money on the photo-sharing app.
  32. Zynga Buys Up the Latest Greatest Time-Waster The company is paying $200 million for OMGPOP Inc. and its Draw Something game.
  33. Yahoo Still Can’t Catch a Break A tax-free deal to unload the company’s Asian properties has reportedly fallen through.
  34. AT&T Is Giving Up on Buying T-MobileThe acquisition is a wash because of regulators.
  35. Mergers and Acquisitions
    A.G. Ferrari and Andronico’s Both Saved From Bankruptcy By Same InvestorRenovo Capital to the rescue!
  36. Quote of the Day
    Yelp CEO Calls Google-Zagat Deal ‘Funny’The man who helped kill a deal to get bought by Google is sounding a little sore.
  37. Mergers and Acquisitions
    Local Chefs Weigh In on Google-Zagat DealWe, for one, think it’s a good thing.
  38. Government Attempting to Stop AT&T, T-Mobile Merger [Updated]The government doesn’t like the sound of AT&T’s acquisition.
  39. AOL’s Inflated Price for HuffPo Might Make Investors Think TwiceArianna Huffington is making enemies left and right.
  40. mergers and acquisitions
    Comcast Officially Approved to Take Over NBC UniversalAfter thirteen months, the deal is finally approved.
  41. Where in the World Is Dana Vachon?The much-celebrated young lit boy is with the French, in the dhows. Duh.
  42. It’s Soon Going to Be Even Harder to Get a Seat in Bryant Park for LunchPlus the latest on Lehman, lawyers, and the state of print media, in our daily industry roundup.