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  1. MTA Announces Plan to Phase Out MetroCardStarting in late 2019, riders will be able to use phones and credit cards to pay for fares.
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    Note From Wallet Thief Is an Inspiration to All of UsIt reminds us of the important things, like stealing money to buy weed.
  3. MTA Deciding Exactly How to Make MetroCards More Expensive, Again The agency is considering two fare-hike proposals.
  4. People Saving MetroCards, Dollars And the MTA is profiting off of those who don’t.
  5. MetroCard Going the Way of the Subway Token, Soon-ishNow 20 years old, the MetroCard is set to retire by 2019.
  6. Starting Today, Your MetroCard May Double As a Gap AdAnd a 20 percent off coupon.
  7. City Turns MetroCards Into Portable BillboardsIt’s like having Times Square right in your pocket.
  8. MTA Plans to Replace MetroCards With Sensor Cards Linked to Your Bank AccountMetroCards are the new subway tokens.
  9. Old-Fashioned Manual Locomotion Becoming Increasingly AttractiveParking meters and MetroCards are up, and taxis might be next.
  10. ‘Bunch of Rich Scumbags’ Officially Raise Subway FaresThe cost of a monthly unlimited MetroCard shoots up 17 percent.