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Metta World Peace

  1. vulture lists
    Who Will Win Celebrity Big Brother?A beginner’s guide to the strangest reality show on TV.
  2. Metta Says Knicks Fought About Favorite PastaIt’s a lie, but it’s a funny lie. 
  3. Metta World Peace, Like Many People, Finds Beds to Be ComfortableI’m not going to lie.” 
  4. Raymond Felton Refuses to Refer to Metta World Peace As Metta World PeaceWhoa, simmer down. 
  5. Metta World Peace Vaguely Aware of These So-Called ‘Brooklyn Nets’Honestly, I don’t even know who’s on their team.”
  6. Metta World Peace Is Going to Be a KnickIt happened.
  7. Metta World Peace Is Messing With New York [Updated]He’s enjoying this. 
  8. Metta World Peace Might Become a KnickPlease make this happen. 
  9. Ron Artest Legally Changed His Name to Metta World PeaceThe back of his Lakers jersey will, supposedly, now read ‘World Peace.’