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You Go, Minka Kelly!

We were surprised when we spotted Minka Kelly — who plays Friday Night Lights’ resident Jesus freak, Lyla — sitting front row at the Doo.Ri show yesterday for two reasons.

Texas Animator One-Ups Michael Bay

No doubt Michael Bay's gargantuan flick Transformers will move all sorts of merchandise off the shelves, but we’d like to draw your attention to a significantly shorter, significantly lower-budgeted film that does a much, much better job of selling the toys in question.

Is ‘Transformers’ Better Than Sex?

There's nothing like a summer blockbuster to bring out passion in the critics. Should these flicks be judged with the same standards as, say, an Ingmar Bergman or Brad Bird film, or are they simply escapist teenage fun where plot and character are rendered irrelevant? Michael Bay's Transformers has left many in the critical establishment reaching for earplugs and aspirin, while fan sites have declared it mind-blowing. Just as Decepticons face off against Autobots, so is the pride of the critical establishment pitted against hyperbolic online magazines.