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  1. vision 2020
    Report: If Biden Is Out, Bloomberg Is InThe billionaire New Yorker can’t give up on his 2020 dreams.
  2. 2020 presidential election
    Bloomberg Won’t Run for President in 2020The former New York mayor will spend his time and money on issue advocacy, while possibly backing another candidate.
  3. 2020 elections
    The 2020 Presidential Race Is Starting to Get RealPretty soon some of the pretenders to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination are going to be exposed — or ignored into oblivion.
  4. vision 2020
    Why Chris Christie Is a Cautionary Tale for 2020 HopefulsThere are lessons in his story for Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and others considering a White House Run.
  5. 2020 presidential election
    Single-Issue Presidential Candidates Like Jay Inslee Are RareInslee says he’ll only talk about climate change. That will make his identity clear, but it’s not an approach that’s likely to win.
  6. 2020 elections
    Note to Michael Bloomberg: Money Can’t Buy You LoveNot even Bloomberg has enough money to make him a viable Democratic presidential candidate.
  7. vision 2020
    Decoding the Recent Travel Schedules of Democrats With Designs on 2020They aren’t in any tight races, but the Dems most likely to run for president have been campaigning everywhere from Manchester to San Diego.
  8. 2018 midterms
    Michael Bloomberg Just Gave $20 Million to Senate DemocratsThe billionaire’s big investment was (supposedly) inspired by his disappointment with the GOP’s handling of the Kavanaugh hearing.
  9. 2020 elections
    Report: Michael Bloomberg Plans to Run for President in 2020 As a DemocratThe former mayor of New York City would be 78 at the time of the election.
  10. Report: Michael Bloomberg Is, Once Again, Thinking of Running for PresidentThis time as a Democrat.
  11. the national circus
    The Shameless Fakery of Trump’s Retreat on Family SeparationsHis executive order was a prop intended to wipe the images of caged children from the screen. It won’t work.
  12. Bloomberg to Spend $80 Million to Help Democrats in the MidtermsProperly concentrated, Bloomberg’s big bucks could make a big difference in suburban swing districts in November.
  13. soda taxes
    The Chicago Metro Area Is Getting a Soda Tax, TooA penny-per-ounce levy goes into effect for all of Cook County on July 1.
  14. the national interest
    Michael Bloomberg Sums Up the Election: ‘Let’s Elect a Sane, Competent Person’The bar is so low, and the stakes are so high.
  15. democratic national convention
    Why Did Democrats Put Michael Bloomberg in Prime-time?Clinton needs to consolidate her base, while improving her standing with blue-collar whites. The billionaire won’t help on either count.
  16. democratic national convention
    Bloomberg to Endorse Clinton in DNC SpeechTeam Clinton is bringing in their own billionaire to make the case against Trump.
  17. Peggy Noonan’s Weird Third-Party TheoryIt’s possible some Republicans will split with the Trump-led GOP. But, no, they won’t join up with Democrats.
  18. politics
    Bloomberg Goes After Trump, Sanders in AddressThose who won’t run, teach.
  19. politics
    Will Trump Force Bloomberg to Run for President?The two billionaires are a study in contrasts, but they share a dream. 
  20. the national interest
    Why Michael Bloomberg Could Run for President and WinThings that can’t happen in politics keep happening. Why should this be any different?
  21. early and often
    Bloomberg Confirms He’s Thinking About Making the 2016 Race Even CrazierHe finds the current political discussion “distressingly banal.”
  22. early and often
    Michael Bloomberg Considering White House Run as an IndependentHe thinks he can maybe win if the general election ends up being Donald Trump or Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders.
  23. Bloomberg Mulling Third-Party RunHe’s polling a Clinton-Trump-Bloomberg three-way race.
  24. bloomberg news
    I Was on Jury Duty With Michael BloombergEven billionaire ex-mayors aren’t above the courthouse bureaucracy.
  25. politics
    No, Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Running for PresidentThe biggest problem with the draft-Bloomberg effort: The candidate isn’t onboard.
  26. early and often
    Trump Paves the Way for Bloomberg’s 2016 Presidential RunAccording to his Wall Street pals, at least.
  27. de mayor
    The Feud Between de Blasio and Bloomberg Is ThawingThe embattled mayor can only handle one political rivalry at a time.
  28. ink-stained wretches
    More Proof of Bloomberg’s Narrowing AmbitionsStar editor Josh Tyrangiel is leaving as the former mayor refocuses his $35 billion media empire.
  29. early and often
    Rupert Murdoch Wants Michael Bloomberg to Enter the 2016 RaceThe Trump drama continues.
  30. de mayor
    Mayor de Blasio Thinks the Press Went Easy on Mayor BloombergHe’s not having a difficult second year — that’s just how it’s being reported.
  31. Honorary Knight Michael Bloomberg Buys a Fancy London MansionHe is still not mayor of London. 
  32. Is Bloomberg Really Considering a 2016 Run?Some are making the case for the former NYC mayor to enter the Democratic primary as a credible challenger to Hillary Clinton.
  33. Report: Desperate Anti-Hillary Democrats Launch Bloomberg 2016 EffortThe former mayor didn’t kick them out of his office, which they consider a good sign.
  34. Queen Finally Makes BFF Mike Bloomberg a KnightHe has “always admired the sophistication and fortitude of the British people.”
  35. el bloombito
    Michael Bloomberg Might Run for London MayorAccording to one British newspaper.
  36. media
    There’s Talk About Bloomberg Buying the TimesIf the former mayor tries, it won’t be without its challenges. 
  37. big brother
    Bloomberg Is Watching You (at Bloomberg)Time stamps. 
  38. the internet
    Michael Bloomberg Owns the Domain BloombergBlows.nycAnd 399 others, just in case.
  39. Soda Ban
    Mayor de Blasio Is Still Quietly Trying to Ban Your SodaHe’s holding “high-level meetings” on “the best way to reach that goal.”
  40. bloomberg being bloomberg
    Michael Bloomberg Would Much Rather Be the Boss Than a BoyfriendThe ex-mayor went back to work so he doesn’t have to talk to his partner “about feelings.”
  41. ink-stained wretches
    First Rule of Bloomberg LP: You Do Not Talk About BloombergAlso, cut down on bathroom breaks.
  42. business
    Michael Bloomberg to Lead Bloomberg LP Again, After Pushing Friend Out“When God comes back, things are going to be different,” said the current CEO.
  43. gun control
    NRA Ad Introduces America to ‘Elitist Hypocrite’ Michael BloombergA primer on the former mayor’s war on things that are fun and unhealthy.
  44. the third terminator
    Michael Bloomberg Rips Wolf Blitzer for Question That’s ‘Insulting to America’He informed the CNN host that he didn’t like his “tone.”
  45. Bloomberg Is Flying to Israel to Protest the FAA BanHe’s flying commercial, though he owns a private plane.
  46. rise of the machines
    Bloomberg’s Gun Group Questions Candidates, But Won’t Grade ThemDespite plans for an NRA-like scorecard.
  47. Fizzled
    The Soda Ban Is Really, Truly DeadThe city says the ruling “does not change the fact that sugary-drink consumption is a key driver of the obesity epidemic.”
  48. bloomberg after bloomberg
    Bloomberg Slams Ivy League Censorship at HarvardIt’s “a modern-day form of McCarthyism,” he said.
  49. spanish fly
    Amy Astley’s Spanish Skills Are Sub-BloombergianAccording to a reliable source (Amy Astley’s kids).
  50. urban design
    What Bloomberg Associates Can Learn From Mexico CityBloomberg might fantasize about cleaning up the chaos, but he ought to study what’s already been accomplished.
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