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  1. Michael Phelps Learning Golf As Tool to Interact With Real WorldApparently, you can’t have ol’ Mikey trying to have a real life without sports.
  2. Michael Phelps in Alleged Stripper Orgy!Also, he cries a lot.
  3. Michael Phelps Gets Back in the PoolFile this under the Department of Thank God.
  4. Drew Barrymore’s Garden TroublesThe actress, whom we loved in the HBO movie last weekend, has to contend with co-star Jessica Lange’s competition. Plus, the rest of today’s gossip!
  5. Michael Phelps and Miss California Had a ThingWe’ve been ignoring that blonde floozy and her anti-gay guff, but now she has CROSSED THE LINE.
  6. fun things to do!
    Meet Michael Phelps at the Omega Watch Store TomorrowYou might even get to touch him.
  7. Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas Made Out During DinnerBut hopefully not with food in their mouths. Plus, Michael Lewis has a small penis, and other gossip in our daily roundup.
  8. Is Michael Phelps Losing His Mojo?Why don’t people recognize him at Marquee anymore?
  9. Britney Spears Has Apparently Not Learned Her Lesson About Backup DancersThe pop star hooked up with one of the guys on her tour.
  10. Michael Phelps Won’t Say the P-wordWill we ever know what was really in that bong?
  11. Mediavore
    Michelle Obama Keeps It Local; Michael Phelps Feeds the HungryPlus the latest foodie websites and how Pinot Noir usurped Cabernet Sauvignon’s throne, in today’s glance at the morning headlines.
  12. Phelps Escapes Drug ChargesThere’s nothing that dude can’t outswim.
  13. Olympic Swimmer Ian Thorpe Totally Supports Phelps“It’s bad in competition. It’s not bad out of competition!”
  14. the wire
    Cast of The Wire Joins Team PhelpsBubbles: “At the end of the day, I think it’s a great advertisement for weed.”
  15. Mario Cantone: Leave Michael Phelps Alone!The ‘Sex and the City’ star is incensed over Bong-gate.
  16. Katie Couric Is Too Big for Your Little Town CarAlso in your morning mug o’ gossip: Drew Barrymore swaps spit and Tori Spelling bares her soul.
  17. Unfair: Subway Delays Michael Phelps AdThe sandwich-makers act like they’ve never sold subs to stoners.
  18. cult of personality
    Speedo Sticks by Michael PhelpsSpeedo won’t cancel his endorsement deal, despite the whole pot thing.
  19. Mediavore
    Kellogg Drops Michael Phelps; Starbucks Coffee Tastes TerriblePlus Eric Ripert’s chef crush and Starbucks fails a taste test, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Wait, There’s a Possibility Michael Phelps Won’t Compete in the 2012 Olympics?We didn’t even realize that was an option!
  21. Our Thoughts About Michael Phelps Getting Caught on Camera Smoking PotYou think 10,000 calories a day just jump down his throat alone?
  22. quote machine
    Tom Cruise Already Plotting His Next Golden Globe NominationPlus: 50 Cent pretty sure he can beat you at video games.
  23. Paparazzi Now Planting Girlfriends on Michael PhelpsHey everyone: if you just follow a celebrity around, everyone will think you’re dating!
  24. tears of fashion
    Michael Phelps, Please Stop Damaging Your Custom Armani SuitThe behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot with our beloved manfish has us doubled over cringing.
  25. Madonna and A-Rod Seek Fortress of LoveSo no one will EVER see them coming in or out. Plus, speaking of coming out, Ashton Kutcher attends a deb ball, and Kate Moss comes clean about the lies and alibis. In the gossip roundup.
  26. Anderson Cooper’s Astounding Arms Attached to Equally Stupendous ShouldersYes, we did watch the entire ‘swimming’ section of Manderson’s Michael Phelps ‘60 Minutes’ segment in slow motion.
  27. beauty marks
    M.A.C Confirms Hello Kitty Collaboration; Chace Crawford Likes the Smell of GrassPlus, Rihanna explains her new tattoo, and L’Oréal announces a store-in-store for the new Times Square Walgreens.
  28. SJP and Matthew’s Selfless Toiling Just Might Bag This Election for ObamaThey’re phone-banking madly, even eclipsed by the bright starlight of Lisa Loeb! Plus, Cindy goes berserk with presidential trivia. In the Election Day gossip roundup! Dish for democracy!
  29. Cindy Adams Hearts Zac Efron, Whom She’s Never MetAnd that’s only the start of Cindy’s weirdness today. Plus, Kim Kardashian gets very thoughtful about the size of her butt. In the gossip roundup.
  30. Today in Gossip: Old Gals Go BananasElizabeth Taylor does tequila shots at the Abbey? Liz Smith compares Cindy Adams and Barbara Walters to Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? Ian McKellen defaces Bibles? Shazam!
  31. Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for ObamaDid he REALLY have to put it that way? Plus, Tom and Gisele are probs getting married — awesome, you guys! In Monday’s gaggle o’ gossip.
  32. Everybody Felt Very Weimar at Celerie Kemble’s Spiegeltent Birthday PartyPlus, Anna Wintour has yet another crush, and Jon Stewart said Sarah Palin is like Jodie Foster in ‘Nell.’ In the gossip roundup.
  33. party lines
    Michael Phelps Wants to Go to Fashion WeekAt last night’s Bowlmor party, ladies fought for a piece of him while we talked shop.
  34. Leona Almost Left Her Money to Dogs AND Poor Kids, But Then Just Settled on DogsShe cut out poor tots at the last minute! What an excuse to make a B-word pun! And Martha Stewart can’t afford her stylist anymore! That, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  35. Diddy Will Taxi, But Mariah Won’t ScoopHe’s much more mature than Mariah, who left her dog poop in front of Cavalli. Learn which other celebs can act like grown-ups in today’s gossip roundup!
  36. Tina Fey Bows to Pressure, Speaks With Alaskan AccentIn case you missed it, here’s the video of Fey doing Sarah Palin.
  37. party lines
    Boucheron Party: Tinsley Rejected at Velvet Rope; Lily Not Dating PhelpsTurns out even Tinsley needs a hand stamp to get past the velvet ropes sometimes.
  38. Michael Phelps, Naked But for a Wig‘Saturday Night Live’’s Kristen Wiig thinks Michael Phelps has star qualities.
  39. fashion yearbook
    Britney and Rihanna Stun at the VMAs, But in Very Different WaysBritney looked great. Rihanna looked, uh, confused.
  40. run through
    Debbie Phelps Signs With Chico’sPhelps will earn in the low six figures for appearing in Chico’s catalogues and wearing Chico’s for public appearances.
  41. cult of personality
    Michael Phelps Explains His Style and Beauty RoutineHe’s a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy, and he uses Kiehl’s lotion to combat harsh chlorine.
  42. Lehman Continues Staff Cuts1,500 more jobs were eliminated at the bank this week. Plus, the latest on Michael Phelps, JPMorgan, Steve Jobs, and more.
  43. Nastia Liukin to Get Book DealNo word on whether Shawn Johnson will do a more endearing, but slightly less polished, follow-up.
  44. the industry
    George Clooney’s Career Finally Takes OffPlus: Remember that horror movie Liv Tyler made about a month ago? She’s making another one!
  45. Michael Phelps Scored $1.6 Million Book DealGreat! Except, wait, what’s the genre?
  46. run through
    Michael Phelps’s Mom in Talks to Collaborate With Chico’sAnd all she had to do was wear a bunch of Chico’s in Beijing of her own accord.
  47. Finished With Record-Breaking, Michael Phelps Commences HeartbreakingThe eight-time Olympic-gold winner supposedly made out with the hottest Australian athlete, Stephanie Rice. Plus, gossip on Axl Rose and Paul McCartney in our daily roundup.
  48. apropos of nothing
    Michael Phelps Is the ‘Young Jeezy of the Swim World,’ Asserts Young JeezyJeezy does way more than his fair share on a slow news day.
  49. Mark Spitz Still Kinda Sour Grapes Over Michael Phelps’s Olympic Gold RecordThe former Olympic swimmer with the most golds claims he could have tied Phelps in competition.
  50. Michael Phelps’s Estranged Dad Won’t Try to Cash In on Son’s SpotlightIn the aftermath of his record-breaking Olympic gold streak, everyone, including his own distant father, is treating Michael Phelps with kid gloves. America, we’ve gone soft — and we love it!
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