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Sing Along With Of Montreal

Of Montreal Karaoke
Actor and comedian Michael Showalter hosted the inaugural New York by New York event, Indie Rock Karaoke, Saturday night at Studio B. A sold-out crowd turned out to see Of Montreal, who played an original set before turning the mikes over to the amateurs. Surprise guests Paul Rudd and David Wain turned out a lively performance of Boston's "More Than a Feeling," and Showalter tried his hand at the brutally repetitive INXS hit "Need You Tonight." Selections from the crowd included Cheap Trick's "Surrender," the Guns N' Roses classic "Sweet Child O' Mine," and "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Between numbers, Showalter's Alan Shemper character emceed and told Soterios Johnson jokes. And everyone in attendance got a subscription to the magazine. More New York by New York events are coming. Until then, watch the video. Karaoke With Of Montreal [NYM] Events [New York by New York]

Comedian Michael Showalter Loves Pickles, Milk, and Cookies

Before the cult success of his television shows with Michael Ian Black — MTV’s The State and Comedy Central’s Stella — comedian Michael Showalter shoplifted bologna from Key Foods (or so his bio says). These days, the Fort Greene resident and writer-director-star of The Baxter, who performs at Southpaw tomorrow night, is never short on olives, pickles, and Tate’s cookies (“the best you can buy at a deli”). Given that his Ten Commandments of Sandwich Making decree that “everything is in play,” we thought the card-carrying “burger boy” might have noshed on some interesting things this week.