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Michele Bachmann Overdrive

  1. The ‘End Times’ Are Upon Us, According to Michele BachmannHelping the Syrian rebels was a really big mistake.
  2. Michele Bachmann’s Challenger Only Wanted to Run Against Michele BachmannMission accomplished.”
  3. Campaign Staff Says Bachmann Won’t Pay ThemSupposedly, she won’t pay until they sign non-disclosure agreements.
  4. Michele Bachmann Almost Lost Her House Seat [Updated]And could be facing a recount.
  5. Minnesota May Not Care About Bachmann’s ‘McCarthyistic Witch Hunt’In fact, it might help her.
  6. michele bachmann overdrive
    Bachmann’s Husband Spent the Day Before Iowa Caucuses Buying Doggie SunglassesWell, someone’s got to get the pooch some shades.
  7. Michele Bachmann Is Unhappy That American Troops Have Been Sent to Both Libya and AfricaShe’s still not great with geography.
  8. bachmann ambition overdrive
    ‘Not scripted.’“This is the nail in the coffin in her campaign.”
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen: Michele Bachmann OverdriveThe band.