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Michigan Primary

  1. Can Leftism Win in the Midwest? Abdul El-Sayed’s Campaign May Give Us an Answer.The Michigan gubernatorial candidate is radical, uncompromising, and policy-minded. If he pulls off an upset, he may change the Democratic Party.
  2. Two March 15 Primaries Ripe for a Sanders UpsetA closer look at why Sanders upset Clinton on Tuesday shows the underlying factors present in some but not all of the five big upcoming states. 
  3. Pollsters Lose in Totally Missing Bernie’s Michigan WinThe universal failure of the public-opinion industry to anticipate Tuesday night’s Michigan Democratic primary results could cast a long shadow over their efforts for the rest of the cycle. 
  4. stuck in the mittle
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Mitt Romney’s Love Letter to Michigan“The trees are the right height! … I love the lakes! … I love cars!”