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  1. nepotism
    New Book Details Kushner’s Alleged Middle East Peace Plan, Which Is PreposterousAccording to Vicky Ward’s Kushner Inc., the senior advisor hoped to convince five countries plus Palestine to give aid or renegotiate boundaries.
  2. foreign interests
    Netanyahu Is No Longer Hawkish Enough for His Own GovernmentAfter agreeing to a cease-fire in Gaza, the prime minister is cast as a capitulating peacenik by his allies. Still, he’ll probably be reelected.
  3. international affairs
    Pressure Builds on Saudi Arabia, But Will Trump Continue to Get Played?Trump has vowed to severely punish the Saudis if they killed Jamal Khashoggi, but that punishment seems likely to include selling them more arms.
  4. trump tweets
    Trump: U.S. Protects the Middle East — Also, Kills Millions of Its PeopleTwo days after saying the U.S. killed millions of Iraqis, Trump warns “the Middle East” that it “would not be safe” without America’s protection.
  5. Higher Gas Prices a Headache for GOP — Except in CaliforniaIf gasoline prices stay high, Democrats will use that against the GOP. But in California, a GOP-backed gas-tax-repeal initiative changes everything.
  6. beauty
    Going to Beauty School in a Refugee CampBeauty school in the Beddawi camp.
  7. Israel and Palestine Just Slid Further Away From the Possibility of PeaceTrump’s embassy move is an illustration of how far gone the situation in Israel and Palestine is.
  8. U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Is Happening Almost ImmediatelyWhen a real embassy facility is built in Jerusalem, it could be paid for in part by donations from conservative donors — including Sheldon Adelson.
  9. Strange But True: Headlines From the Middle EastFor years, people have talked about what the Middle East would look like if the United States took a more limited role. That time has come.
  10. Israel Conducts Air Strikes on Iranian Targets in SyriaIt was the first time Israel has directly targeted Iranian military forces, and marks a dangerous escalation in the conflict.
  11. Foreign-Policy Experts React to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“I think he went too far, too fast, too soon.”
  12. Trump’s Expected Israel Embassy Move Has Already Sparked New Middle East TurmoilThough the U.S. embassy won’t move to Jerusalem for years, it’s raised concerns about violent protests and strained diplomatic relations.
  13. This Study Offers Insight Into Why Certain Men May Harass Women on the StreetThe study looked at men in four regions of the Middle East.
  14. Erdoğan Declares Victory in Referendum Granting Him Vast New Powers Over TurkeyVoters in Turkey narrowly approved enormous changes to the country’s government, though opposition parties are contesting the results.
  15. feature
    PissPigGranddad, the Punk-Rock Florist Who Fought ISIS in Syria, Is Coming HomeBrace Belden became a radical icon when he went to take up arms against terrorists, build a socialist utopia, and tweet jokes about the revolution.
  16. Trump Sent Alan Dershowitz to Tell Netanyahu ‘Time Is Ripe’ for Mideast PeaceThe president ran into the celebrity lawyer at Mar-a-Lago. Peace was talked and messages were sent.
  17. U.S. Places New Restrictions on Air Travelers From 8 Muslim-Majority CountriesU.S.-bound passengers from eight nations in the Middle East are no longer allowed to carry laptops on flights.
  18. In Meeting With Netanyahu, Trump Says U.S. Won’t Insist On a Palestinian StateBreaking with decades of precedent, Trump suggests America is open to a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  19. In Iraq, America’s Allies – and Its Enemies – Wait for Trump’s First Move“It makes the Islamic State happy to use Trump to manipulate the people who want to fight for Islam,” says a captured ISIS fighter.
  20. Truck Attack in Jerusalem Kills 4 Israeli SoldiersThe attacker drove into a busload of Israeli officer cadets who had stopped at a scenic overlook.
  21. The Debate We Should Be Having About America’s Role in the Yemen WarAmerica has played a key role in a major Middle Eastern conflict that is getting no attention during the campaign.
  22. Moderates and Reformists Reportedly Make Big Gains in Iranian ElectionsEarly results indicate that President Rouhani’s coalition continues to gain influence in the country, and at the expense of Iran’s hardliners.
  23. Fight Between Saudi Arabia and Iran Keeps Getting WorseSaudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan have all telegraphed their anger at Iran through diplomatic means. 
  24. Nearly One Million Migrants Have Fled to Europe This YearThe global refugee population has also surged to its highest level in more than two decades.
  25. The Meaning of Russia’s Intervention in SyriaAs Putin embarks on what may be a new Soviet-style misadventure, a variety of experts debate the possible endgames, as well as a possible U.S. alliance.
  26. It’s Really, Really Hot in IranThe heat index in the southern city of Bandar-e Mahshahr reached 165 degrees on Saturday.
  27. White House: ‘We Will Help the Iraqis Take Back Ramadi’There is no denying that this is indeed a setback.”
  28. Crime
    A Con Artist Is Accused of Selling $4 Million Worth of Fake In-N-Out FranchisesHis prison nickname will probably be “Animal Style.”
  29. Why the West Bank Security Agreement Could Collapse, and Why It MattersIt’s just a further escalation, which increases the possibility for real confrontation.”
  30. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Dies at 90His passing could bring significant changes to the balance of power in the Middle East.
  31. Al Qaeda–Affiliated Syrian Rebels Seize Israeli Border CrossingThe group is one of a coalition of rebel fighters.
  32. U.N. Security Council Calls for Immediate Cease-fire Between Israel and HamasA statement drafted by Jordan wants peace ahead of Eid al-Fitr.
  33. 3 Things John Kerry Was Trying to Accomplish With His Surprise Israel VisitThere’s a lot to do, and no one wants to do it.
  34. U.S. to Give Syrian Citizens $100 Million in AidSidestepping the “thin red line.”
  35. Israel and Iran’s War of Words Increasingly Troubling Netanyahu: “You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?” Iranian general: “Nothing of Israel will be left.”
  36. spinoffs
    Sony Launching Arabic Versions of U.S. TV ShowsAlso, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  37. Mediavore
    Gallagher Survives Heart Attack to Smash Another Melon; Horny Flies Drawn toThe comedian collapsed at a Texas bar shortly before his show.
  38. Obama’s Outreach to Muslim World: Why Settle for Al Qaeda When You Could Have an Uprising?Al Qaeda: “What is coming is greater and worse.”
  39. Israeli Family Murdered at West Bank SettlementThe Israeli military is searching the surrounding area for the assailant.
  40. Mediavore
    An Upper Darby Pizza Maker Wages ‘Food Terrorism by Mice’; TonyPlus: Wheat rust endangers crops in Africa; and companies line up to bid on Yoplait, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. The Revolutionary Tsunami Hits OmanWatch out for the wave of unrest, Sultan!
  42. Former CNN Correspondent Jerrold Kessel DiesHe was 66.
  43. Obama Makes Personal Appeal to Muslim WorldNo, not because he is one of them.
  44. hearts and minds
    State Department Exporting Country Music to the Middle EastIt’s called Country Eastern Music.
  45. Foodievents
    Lamb Takedown Wants EweIs your lamb the best in Boston?
  46. Empire Building
    Shake Shack Expands in New York, Nation, Dubai, and Saudi ArabiaDanny Meyer’s manifest destiny.
  47. Some Find Obama’s Demands of Israel UnsettlingIs Obama being too tough on Israel? Or is toughness what is needed?
  48. Obama on Middle East Peace: ‘The Moment Is Now’In Germany alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president reiterated his calls for sacrifice and progress between Israel and Palestine.
  49. Presidential Eats
    Obamustard!The latest in obamerchandise.
  50. Obama in Cairo: ‘Let There Be No Doubt, Islam Is a Part of America’The president’s much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world called for an alliance and a new beginning.
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