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    This Is the All-time Worst Use of a Minions GIFWhite supremacists … don’t use Minions GIFs.
  2. shrek had a good run
    Despicable Me Is Now the Most Successful Animated Franchise of All TimeTurns out, people really like those little Minion guys.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow Threw a Minions-Themed Party in the HamptonsThe hottest event of the season.
  4. minions
    Minions Will Take Over Universal Studios Japan They cannot be stopped.
  5. unlikely pairings
    Minions Infiltrated Fashion Week and Photobombed Teyana TaylorThey were the most unlikely guests at the Baja East capsule-collection launch.
  6. Google’s April Fools’ Day Joke Was So Bad They Had to Turn It OffGoogle’s Minions prank backfired, as anything involving the Minions is wont to do.
  7. box office
    Tom Cruise Saves the World From Fantastic FourMoviegoers chose to see Tom Cruise run instead of superheroes saving the world this weekend.
  8. freak accidents
    30-Foot-Tall Inflatable Minion Gets Loose, Rampages Irish HighwayGusts of wind freed an inflated Minion from its earthbound clutches.
  9. box office
    Ant-Man Stomps Minions at the Box OfficeThe final film of Marvel’s Phase Two is the 12th Marvel movie to debut at No. 1.
  10. memes
    What Makes Despicable Me’s Minions So Gosh Dang Meme-able?They were seemingly created in a lab for this very purpose.
  11. box office
    What Finally Killed the Dinosaurs? MinionsThe little yellow buggers were the masters of this weekend’s box office.
  12. movie reviews
    Movie Review: Minions Minions could be [smarter], but it might have also lost a certain amount of its appeal if it were.”
  13. WTF
    Parents Claim McDonald’s New Minions Toys Are Dropping F-Bombs “I can’t believe it’s coming out of a toy.”
  14. trailer mix
    Minions Trailer: Watch the Despicable Me Yellow Guys Kill NapoleonSo cute, so dangerous.
  15. trailer mix
    Despicable Me 2 Trailer: Minions Wear Cute Costumes for HalloweenAwwwwwwwww, minions.