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MisShapes Take Disaffected Tour to London!

On Thursday, Fashion Week headed east to Hoxton, London's Billyburg equivalent, where London’s asymmetrically coiffed and skinny-jean-plastered demographic runs free. So we were hardly nonplussed to find their heroes, the MisShapes crew, making themselves at home at Henry Holland’s first solo show — which was held in a venue called, of all things, the Village Underground.

Le Royale Might Just Bring Nightlife Out of the Doldrums

Le Royale
The Times was extremely dour about the state of NYC nightlife in Sunday’s profile of 1 OAK, but there’s hope after all! David Baxley, the owner of fondly remembered house-music club CentroFly is teaming up with Brit D.J.-producer Terrey Casey to open Le Royale this Friday in what used to be Luke & Leroy. That space, we’ll remind you, is equipped with a precious cabaret license, and who better to put it to use than music directors GBH, the team that brings top-tier rock and electronic talents — like their current resident D.J., Moby — to Hiro’s weekly Cheeky Bastard party. Alejandro Torio of GBH says that in addition to live music acts five nights a week, the weekly Robot Rock party (previous at nearby, now-defunct Movida) will be revived on Thursdays. So what will the door policy be? “If you like rock or electronic music,” Torio tells us, “you’re welcome to come in. It’s not about how much money you have in your pocket.” Now that sounds egalitarian! Earlier: RIP Luke & Leroy, Birthplace of MisShapes

Agyness Deyn Is America's Oldest Top Model

Agyness Deyn
We can almost hear Nigel Barker, "noted fashion photographer" and America's Next Top Model's resident ageist, wincing. Today the Daily Mail revealed that British model/D.J./Lower East Side dweller Agyness Deyn is not, as she has previously claimed, 18 years old. Nor is she, as she has claimed, 21 years old. In fact, it appears that she is actually—brace yourself—24 years old. "Her listing on the Companies House website, under the name Laura Hollins, shows her birthday as February 16, 1983," the Mail reports. We have no idea what the "Companies House" website is, but it sounds serious. But not as serious as this: In model years, 24 is practically an old coot. What effect will this have on Agyness's career, we wonder. Will the MisShapes kids not want to hang out with her, considering her advanced years? Will the Fashionista girls turn this into her James Frey moment? Or, is she still in the running toward becoming America's next top model? We know we're staying tuned. Is Model Agyness Deyn — the New Kate Moss — Really Three Years Older Than She Says? [Daily Mail] Aguness Deyn [Model Page]

MisShapes to World: End Hipster Profiling

The MisShapes
Hipster spokesmen the MisShapes want you to stop stereotyping their people. "If you’re wearing black pants and shaggy hair you’re automatically a 'hipster,'" MisShape member Leigh Lazark complains to Daily Intel. "I think it’s just as offensive as calling somebody 'bridge and tunnel,'" adds Geordon Nicol. The pair are out and about promoting their eponymous book, which has sold out after just a day on sales racks. "They’re on their second order!" Nicol told us. We kind of love that a gang of people who just released a coffee table book about hipsters doesn't want you to lump them all together. For what is a hipster, if not counterintuitive? —Maggie Gray Earlier:We Have the MisShapes Book

RIP Luke & Leroy, Birthplace of MisShapes

Luke & Leroy
Ironic that just as the MisShapes book publishes, the club where the weekly party took off has gone under. Luke & Leroy's former co-owner Dino Minelli confirms that there will be no more taco parties, panty parties, or parties of any sort, in what Jarvis Cocker, in his intro to the MisShapes book called "a low-ceilinged, sweaty, black box of a room filled with people of every colour, sexual-orientation, height, weight, dress-sense (or non-sense) imaginable." Minelli has sold his share of the club and moved to Philly, where he plans to open a new spot in November. He writes us, "My crazy partner Elaine was ruining biz by making foolish decisions. I wanted no part of it anymore… It has been sold to a guy who I introduced to her and he is renovating it and renaming or something." With neighbor Movida also dead and gone, where will all the cool kids go? Philly? —Daniel Maurer

We Have the MisShapes Book

The Book
It arrived on our desk today. We've been waiting for this book for quite some time, as with its arrival we hoped to sound the death knell of the fashion-forward hipster. After all, if a coffee-table book has been released about you, you're even more over than if "Sunday Styles" writes about you. But when we picked it up, we have to say, we just couldn't get mad at it. It's pretentious and obnoxious and self-obsessed, sure. But the MisShapes and their editors wisely chose not to include any words in the book, other than those by Pulp's Jarvis Crocker, Legs McNeil, and Vogue's Sally Singer which serve as introductions. They let the people and the fashion and the energy of the party speak for itself. In fact, we even learned something from the book. Read what, and view a couple of pages from the book, after the jump.

Hipsters Celebrate Themselves Celebrating Themselves on YouTube

Thomas Onorato
If you ever watch MTV, you're sure to be familiar with their hilariously earnest show, MADE, wherein desperate young people attempt to become something that they are not, like a cheerleader, a prom king, or a football player. This week a gaggle of knowing New Yorkers released a YouTube spoof of the series called MADE: I Want to Be a Hipster. Appropriately, they celebrated themselves last night at the Tribeca Grand. We picked our way through heavy bangs, huge patterns, and thick glasses to get tips from the experts about becoming one of them. "It's all about the silhouette," said MisShapes doorman Thomas Onorato. "Skinny jeans, converse sneakers." Having ventured south of 14th Street at least once in our lives, we pressed on for something we didn't already know. "We're going to see hipsters in higher waists and wider silhouettes," said Fashionista.com editor Faran Krenctil, who had a hand in the film. "But, I don't think you'll look like an asshole if you still wear skinny jeans." Director Shruti Ganguly advised eating baby food to stay skinny and having "a glass of rosé in your hand." And we thought cocaine was the only thing the hipsters stole from the eighties. —Jocelyn Guest MADE: I Want to be a Hipster [YouTube]

The Misshapen Are Party Kids With Day Jobs

Species: The Misshapen Etymology: The Misshapen are ardent followers of pin-thin spinners Leigh, Greg, and Geordon, but they have one fatal flaw: day jobs. Distinguishing characteristics: Misshapens will always sport at least one terribly cool item. (In the sample at left, it's the overcoat.) But look closely and you’ll notice the perfectly pressed Dockers (a gift from mom, no doubt), and the sweater with a button-up underneath. It's workwear disguised as party gear, and, come 5 p.m., the shirttails rip right out. Misshapens are chameleons, not masters of the craft, but, gosh darn it, they try. Their greatest asset is their hair. In day hours, it remains carefully combed back; as night falls, it is artfully mussed. Known locales: Don Hill’s, Ruff Club at Annex, skulking around Leigh’s MySpace page hoping to be added as a friend. Diet: Vodka, Adderall (gotta stay thin, kids) How to approach: Unlike their idols, the Misshapens have yet to master a cool, cold façade. In fact, they’re as easy to talk to as a puppy dog. Friendly, smiling, pleasant … damn, it’s all a sham! Endangerment status: Er, are those fifteen minutes up yet? —Amina Akhtar

Miss Anna Likes Cat People!

Anna Wintour was in on that Romanian "Cat People" Fashion Week stunt from the get-go. Heidi Fleiss is set to sell a tape that supposedly features former client Charlie Sheen gallivanting with a transsexual named Kayla Coxx. Anderson Cooper wants kids. Georgina Chapman would like you to know she was in twelve movies before she landed roles in the Weinstein-produced Factory Girl and Nanny Diaries, thank you very much. Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco is a proud size 12.