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  1. Labor Gets Big Win in Missouri on Right-to-Work LawIn a conservative, Republican-controlled state, voters rejected a law designed to starve unions.
  2. Labor Fights Back in Missouri With Initiative to Overturn Right-to-Work LawAfter a series of setbacks, including a Supreme Court decision hammering public-sector unions, labor has a chance for a rare win to regain momentum.
  3. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Resigns Over Sex and Corruption ScandalsAfter a meteoric political career marked by hubris and self-righteousness, Republican Greitens departs before he can be impeached or imprisoned.
  4. scandals
    Greitens Declares ‘Great Victory’ Over Dropped Charge, Still Faces ImpeachmentThe Missouri governor may be charged again for allegedly taking a nude photo without his lover’s permission, and lawmakers could vote to remove him.
  5. Another Day, Another Set of Scandalous Claims Against Missouri Governor GreitensGreitens was already facing calls to resign over a sex scandal. Now he’s been accused of illegally using his charity’s donor list and lying about it.
  6. After Top Republicans Abandon Him, Missouri Governor Greitens Refuses to ResignFellow Republicans called for his impeachment after new allegations of criminal wrongdoing.
  7. Missouri’s Attorney General Recommends More Charges for Governor GreitensThe Missouri governor’s already on trial for felony violation of privacy. Now the state’s attorney general is recommending campaign-finance charges.
  8. Missouri Governor Greitens Is Going Down Kicking and ScreamingThe Republican is facing a criminal trial, possible impeachment, and growing calls from his own party for his resignation.
  9. Woman Accuses Missouri Governor Greitens of Violent, Nonconsensual Sex ActsThe Republican governor denied a legislative report’s appalling allegations, claiming he’s the victim of a “witch hunt” just like Trump.
  10. Roy Moore Back in Action With Endorsement of Feminist-Hating Missouri CandidateIf there’s any Senate candidate out there who is following Moore’s twisted path, it’s probably Courtland Sykes.
  11. revenge porn
    Missouri Governor Indicted for Taking a Nonconsensual Photo of a Nude WomanHe’s also been accused of using this photo to blackmail her.
  12. racism
    Applebee’s That Racially Profiled Customers Will Close for a Bit to ‘Regroup’It fired three employees who wrongly mistook two women for dine-and-dashers.
  13. The Coming Democratic Wave May Be Smaller Than ExpectedThere are good signs for Republicans that show a Democratic “wave” is no longer certain, but in the end turnout patterns could matter most.
  14. Democrats Just Flipped Their 35th State Legislative SeatRepublicans are gaining in the polls, but Democrats keep wildly overperforming in special elections.
  15. Josh Hawley Goes Off the Deep End on the Sexual Revolution and Human TraffickingThe main difference between today’s GOP Senate candidate in Missouri and the hapless Todd Akin is some Ivy League polish.
  16. revenge porn
    Missouri Governor Allegedly Tried to Blackmail Mistress With Naked PhotoGovernor Eric Greitens admitted to the affair but denied threatening to release nude photos.
  17. scandals
    Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Admits Affair, Denies He Threatened BlackmailIn a recorded conversation, a woman claims he took a nude photo without her consent, and threatened to publicize it if she exposed their affair.
  18. abortion rights 2017
    Trump Administration Threatens Abortion Access for Immigrant Minors in TexasThe ACLU is fighting one case in an emergency hearing.
  19. tax and spend
    Thoughtful Tax Protester Leaves Server ‘Personal Gift’ Since ‘Taxation Is Theft’“This is not a tip. It is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.”
  20. women's health
    Missouri Lawmakers Joke That Women Who Want Abortions Should Get Them at the ZooThey lamented that zoos are more regulated than abortion clinics.
  21. Despite Close Race, Democrats Stop Spending Against Rubio in FloridaThe DSCC cancels $6 million in ad reservations, leaving Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy on his own down the homestretch.
  22. In Missouri, People No Longer Need a Permit to Carry a Concealed FirearmState Republicans overrode a gubernatorial veto to pass the gun law.
  23. dangerously cheesy
    Man Caught Stealing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Tries to Burn Down the StoreJoshua Crook brings new meaning to getting “dangerously cheesy.”
  24. Hillary Clinton Has Officially Won the Missouri PrimaryBernie Sanders waived his right to a recount “to save the taxpayers … some money.”
  25. Missouri Bill Calls Sex Between Lobbyists and Lawmakers a ‘Gift’One: Cut a hole in a box. Two: Register as a lobbyist in Missouri.
  26. University of Missouri President ResignsFootball players were on strike, and faculty members had staged a “teach-in.”
  27. The Chain Gang
    Olive Garden Is the Latest Restaurant to Boot an on-Duty CopThe officer was there with his family for a birthday lunch; the issue was his gun.
  28. Bad Signs
    Donald Trump’s Face Miraculously Appeared in Butter“I’m just tired of seeing his face everywhere. And I open up my butter and there he is.”
  29. Lawsuits
    Woman Sues Roll-Throwing Restaurant for Throwing RollsThe customer claims a freshly baked projectile gave her “a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment.”
  30. laws
    How One State Is Improving Eating-Disorder CareMissouri becomes the first state to require that insurance companies cover comprehensive mental-health treatment for people with anorexia and bulimia.
  31. Justice Department May Sue Ferguson Police Over Racial BiasUnless the department agrees to make changes.
  32. Police Officer Kills Armed Teen Near FergusonJust two miles from the suburb where Michael Brown was killed.
  33. Ferguson Corrections Officer Allegedly Raped a Pregnant Woman in JailAfter she was pulled over for having expired license plates.
  34. Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency Consider the tone set.
  35. Fresh Protests in Ferguson After Burning of Michael Brown MemorialThe familiar scene ended with the arrest of at least three protesters.
  36. Missouri Police Sued for $40 Million Over Ferguson ProtestsMore are expected to join the suit.
  37. Peace Holds in Ferguson for a Second NightPeople know the president is watching.”
  38. Ferguson Now Calm Enough to Do Without the National Guard, Says GovernorJay Nixon has ordered their withdrawal.
  39. Wednesday Was a ‘Very Good Night’ in FergusonNo Molotov cocktails, no tear gas, and no shootings.
  40. After Peaceful Start, More Tear Gas and Gunfire During Ferguson ProtestsCaptain Johnson says police came under “heavy attack,” but didn’t shoot back.
  41. Ferguson Police Arrest Photographer, 90-Year-OldThey managed to make an arrest that looks even worse.
  42. Watch Ferguson Police Threaten to Shoot and Mace ReportersTwo journalists were also arrested.
  43. Missouri Governor Imposes Curfew on FergusonAnd the FBI begins questioning people about the death of Mike Brown. 
  44. In a Stunning Reversal, Police Join Peaceful Protest in FergusonWhen I see a young lady cry because of fear of this uniform, that’s a problem.”
  45. Scenes From the Front Lines in FergusonMore clashes with police on the fifth night since Michael Brown’s death.
  46. Ferguson Police Would Prefer Protesters Stick to Daytime, Be ‘Respectful’ So that we may begin the healing process.”
  47. Cops Won’t Name Officer Who Killed Michael BrownMeanwhile, President Obama urges “reflection and understanding.”
  48. Witness to Michael Brown Shooting Speaks; Police Don’t Want to Hear ItI saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” says the man who was walking with the 18-year-old at the time.
  49. Police Use Tear Gas on Missouri ProtestersThe clash was captured on social media.
  50. FBI Investigating Police Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MissouriRegardless of the media attention or the public’s attention to this matter … “
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