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This Modern Family Promo: ‘Ooh Baby Baby B-Baby Baby’

Modern Family has existed for three seasons and generally nothing has happened. Claire ran for some government job but lost. It's a very episodic show. So, when something finally happens – Gloria being pregnant – of course, the promos are going [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Lost Roles Interview with Rob Huebel

Today's Lost Roles is brought to you by Childrens Hospital, which has its season premiere on Adult Swim tonight at midnight. If you're cool, you'll watch it.

By Bradford Evans

ABC Sets Frustrating Premiere Dates

UGH! First Community wasn't set to premiere until October 19 and now Happy Endings won't start until October 23. Why are you doing this to us, Mickey Mouse? (Mickey Mouse is the head of programming for all of the Disney-ABC Television Group, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘Modern Family’ Cast to Read Together at a Table

Yesterday, after the five non-Ed O'Neill adults missed the table read and sued 20th Century Fox, things weren't looking great on the set of Modern Family. Well, things are cooling down and as a sign of good faith, the cast will gather around a [...]

By Jesse David Fox

This ‘Modern Family’ Negotiation Just Got Real

Yesterday, we mentioned that Modern Family's first table read of the season might be canceled because of looming negotiations. Well, that table read was supposed to be today and that shit got canceled. Beyond not showing up for work, the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘The Neighbors’ and ‘Suburgatory’ Trade Time Slots

When ABC first released its schedule, freshman sitcom The Neighbors was in the coveted Wednesday 9:30 pm, post-Modern Family slot. Well, ABC has changed its mind and moved it to 8:30, swapping it with Suburgatory. There are plenty of reasons [...]

By Jesse David Fox