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  1. the lost canon
    Beauford Delaney Very Nearly Disappeared from Art HistoryAs a black, gay painter, even when he was celebrated, it was not as an equal to his contemporaries.
  2. parties!
    Other Celebrities Really, Truly, Love Laura DernThey gushed about her at a MoMa’s 2019 Film Benefit
  3. art and architecture
    Two Critics — Art and Architecture — Compare Their New MoMA ExperiencesSaltz and Davidson on the newly expanded museum.
  4. cityscape
    The New MoMA Tries to Get Out of Its Own Way. We’ll See If It Can.An attempt to manage the crush of visitors that’s made the museum hard to love.
  5. art
    What Does the New MoMA Mean for Modernism? And What Was Modernism Anyway?The reimagined Museum of Modern Art tries to open itself up.
  6. fall preview 2019
    The Best and Biggest Art Shows to See to This FallFrom JR, Amy Sherald, Pope.L, and more.
  7. best bets
    A Dallas Department Store in Hudson Yards, Lumpy Lamps, and MoMA’s Print StoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  8. business as usual
    The Modern Will Stay Open Through MoMA’s RenovationsThe museum will close for four months, starting this summer.
  9. best of 2018
    Jerry Saltz’s 10 Best Art Shows of 2018Including an abstract pioneer and presidential portraiture.
  10. happenings
    Celebrities Gathered in New York to Celebrate a Hollywood LegendJonah Hill, Spike Lee, Robert De Niro, and Emily Blunt were all there to pay tribute.
  11. art
    This Long-Running MoMA Show Might Restore Your Faith in UtopianismFinding solace in Bodys Isek Kingelez.
  12. architecture
    The MoMA’s Tribute to Yugoslavia’s ‘Concrete Utopia’ Is a RevelationThis hugely ambitious show portrays an idiosyncratic, multiethnic, and open postwar society that propelled itself into the industrial age with brio.
  13. gallery
    Can We Capture Humanism?New York’s MoMA tries in an exhibit featuring 80 photographs from around the world.
  14. Revisiting Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls in a New BookThe book includes never-before-seen dialogue and archival materials from the experimental film.
  15. gallery
    This Performance Artist Wants to Know How You View HerMore than 290 works by Adrian Piper will go on display at the MoMA this weekend.
  16. modern art
    These Ballet Flats Just Made It to the MoMARepetto is now in the museum’s permanent collection.
  17. gallery
    The Woman Behind Brazil’s Modern Art MovementTarsila do Amaral’s most celebrated works are now on display at the MoMA.
  18. exclusive
    MoMA Is Screening Twin Peaks: The Return for FreeIs it future or is it past? Is it TV or is it film?
  19. art projects
    18 Things People Wore to MoMA This FallAnyone can send a text to Emily Spivack’s art website.
  20. party lines
    Celebrities Had Some Strange, Fun Compliments for Julianne MooreThe actress was honored at MoMA last night, and people had some interesting things to say.
  21. gallery
    See How a Crazy Jumpsuit Got Made for the Fashion Show at MoMARichard Malone designed it for the museum’s new show “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”
  22. MoMA’s New Fashion Show Is Not the Met, and That’s the PointYes, it’s worth a visit uptown.
  23. humbled
    Dapper Dan Had the Best Reaction to Being in the MoMAHis jackets are featured in “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”
  24. gallery
    Revisiting Louise Bourgeois at MoMAA new show celebrates seven decades of the artist’s work.
  25. Jerry Saltz: I Give In, MoMA. You’ve Won Me Over. (Halfway, Anyway.)MoMA has been this broken spatial matrix since November 4, 2004, the day it reopened with great fanfare.
  26. podcasts
    WNYC and MoMA Are Making an Artsy Podcast with Broad City’s Abbi JacobsonTwo major New York cultural institutions are coming together to make a podcast baby.
  27. When Culture Feels Like O’Hare: On the Shed and the Giant-Sizing of MoMAGiant-sizing our culture.
  28. trump travel ban
    MoMa Foregrounds Art From Countries Affected by Trump Travel BanThe museum is moving pieces from the Western canon in order to showcase art from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.
  29. This Francis Picabia Retrospective Is a Call to MutinyPicabia wakes the polis.
  30. America’s Dad Tom Hanks Wants to Reassure You That America Will Be Okay“[The constitution] is going to protect us, over and over again, whether or not our neighbors preserve and protect and defend it themselves.”
  31. art du jour
    The World’s First Emoji Are Going to Be Displayed at MoMA[Face with tears of joy emoji.]
  32. gallery
    There Aren’t Enough Books About Modern Female ArtistsImages from Modern Women: Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art.
  33. look book
    The Art-World Fixtures Who Lunch at The Four Seasons“We have a monthly lunch at The Four Seasons. I always end with the vanilla ice cream.”
  34. gallery
    Manhattan’s West Side Piers, Back When They Were Naked and Gay Photographs by Alvin Baltrop, many NSFW.
  35. How Picasso the Sculptor Ruptured Art History“Picasso Sculpture” could be one of the great learning experiences of your seeing life.
  36. Wael Shawky’s Epic Films Will Completely Change How You See the CrusadesThey are the most intoxicating, savage masterpieces of the Crusades I’ve seen anywhere, on film or otherwise.
  37. scene stealers
    The Best Looks From MoMA’s 5 a.m. CrowdThose showed up at daybreak for Yoko Ono and Dev Hynes. 
  38. videology
    Watch Two of Björk’s Stunning MoMA Videos“Stonemilker” and “Black Lake.”
  39. union dues
    MoMA’s Black-Tie Garden Party Drowned Out by Hundreds of Protesting Staffers“We love this place. We’re just trying to raise our families.”
  40. Meet Awol Erizku, the Art World’s New It BoyThe 26-year-old artist everyone seems to know.
  41. art
    Yoko Ono and the Myth That Deserves to DieWith a MoMA exhibit, the misunderstood artist has arrived.
  42. art
    MoMA’s Björk DisasterI wanted to be surprised and proven wrong about the Björk show. Alas, I haven’t been. 
  43. artsy
    Here’s Björk’s Beautiful MoMA TrailerHer retrospective will be at the museum from March 8 to June 7.
  44. MoMA’s Monet Fire SaleThe institution’s latest off-putting move is auctioning a Claude Monet from its collection.
  45. gallery
    See the Brown Sisters Age Over 40 YearsThis year marks the 40th anniversary of Nicholas Nixon’s iconic portrait series.
  46. review
    MoMA’s Schemes for Fixing Urban Problems Are Either Too Dainty or Too SweepingThe museum’s “Uneven Growth” exhibition feels shaky and simplistic, predicated on a vague and reductive view of global economics and an inflated belief in the power of architecture.
  47. national treasures
    Francesco Vezzoli Paints Up Ancient Roman BustsA bit of color and they look like new!
  48. kid critics
    Playing Critic With Schoolchildren at MoMA’s ‘Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs’ “I think those are hearts. And that might be seaweed.”
  49. seeing out loud
    Do Not Miss MoMA’s Overwhelming Henri Matisse ExhibitionFew artists reward prolonged scrutiny more than Matisse.
  50. seeing out loud
    Art Review: The Great, Inscrutable Robert GoberI don’t understand Gober’s work. That’s how I know how good it is.
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